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TKC 182 Eric Loss

News – 1) Amazon’s Russ Grandinetti tells a publishers’ audience at Digital Book World that early data indicate the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is boosting customer purchases of books by authors whose work is available in the library. Laura Hazard Owen has the story. 2) NBC is proud as a peacock over its new e-book venture, NBC […]

TKC 181 Catherine MacDonald

News – 1) OverDrive reports tremendous growth in borrowing of e-books at public libraries and schools during 2011.  2) Apple makes a bold move into the e-textbooks market. John Gruber and others ponder the fine print of the End User License Agreement, which contains language restricting what you can do with an iBook that you […]

TKC 180 John Tayman

News – 1) Amazon announces a brisk beginning for KDP Select at the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, with impressive numbers reported for December. Jon Cog covers the story at Beyond Black Friday, as does Jeremy Greenfield at Digital Book World. If you’re still wavering on signing up for Amazon Prime membership, Jason Calacanis will probably […]

TKC 179 Dr. Eric McLuhan

News – 1) Via a clumsy email, Amazon bobbles a pilot launch for a new Kindle publication named Kindle Compass, irritating Amazon forum commenters and generating some unfavorable press coverage in All Things Digital and elsewhere. 2) Is Google readying a Kindle Fire Killer? DigiTimes has a widely noted report, citing the usual sources from […]