TKC 177 Mark Isero & Antonio Beasley

Mark Isero, left, and Antonio Beasley

News – 1) Amazon updates the Kindle Fire software to version 6.2.1 . Consumer Reports and David Pogue are impressed. As is Stephen Windwalker.  2) Kindle for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch receive an update.

Tech Tip – Why I had to reset my Fire to factory default, how to download a Project Gutenberg book in Kindle format to the Fire, and why the E Ink Kindles are more convenient for Project Gutenberg downloads.

Interview (Starts at 16:08)Mark Isero, an AP English teacher at Leadership High School in San Francisco, is using five Kindles in his classrooms. He and Anthony Beasley, a senior at the school, talked to me by Skype on Monday, December 19th, about how the Kindle experiment is going.

Content– BOOKS: A Kindlesphere blockbuster arrived this week and is available for 99 cents through Christmas. It’s The Complete 2012 User’s Guide to the Amazing Amazon Kindle: Covers All Current Kindles Including the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, and Kindle by Bruce Grubbs and Stephen Windwalker, creator of Kindle Nation Daily.   Also, Our Dog, Lucca by Moe Zilla (free).  VIDEO: NSFW and probably offensive to most listeners, comedian Louis C.K. is breaking new ground with his $5 direct sale of the video for a show he produced. In 12 days he’s earned $1 million from the project, and he’s putting the money to innovative use. If you liked the late George Carlin, you may enjoy Louis C.K., who gave this tribute to Carlin. MUSIC: How to use Amazon’s MP3 Uploader to copy your iTunes music to the Amazon Cloud and Kindle Fire. APPS: Wattpad is an innovative and successful content site offering unlimited stories. ES File Explorer and AndroXplorer are free apps for managing your Kindle Fire files. This just in (and received too late for the audio): 7 Dragons has launched a solid 99-cent app available for the Fire. It’s named Alarm Clock, Calendar, ToDo List – Productivity Helper. Another app worth noting: a free app connecting you with Kindle Nation Daily. PODCASTS: The Unofficial Kindle Fire Podcast is worth checking out!

The Next Google Plus TKC Hangout will be Wednesday December 28th at 3 p.m. Mountain Time, since we’ll be back in Denver.

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  1. Stephen S wrote:

    Len, Im sorry to hear that you had to reset your Fire. If you had an app like Sandisk Memory Zone, you would have been able to find out which app was taking up the most space. Once in the app just touch “Phone memory”, then scroll/swipe over to the tab that shows apps (its the 5th one show with the “APPS” icon. Then you can touch on the Size header at the top to sort by largest to smallest or vice versa. Very easy to then see which ones you want to keep or not. This app has to be sideloaded on the Fire. If you have an android phone you can get the apk file on the market, otherwise on another good android side market may have it. Its a must. I also recommend:
    “Quick System Info Pro” (on Amazon apps store), Gemini App Manager (amazon store), File Expert, ES File Explorer, and AndroXPlorer, but the Sandisk one is the one only I know that lets you sort by size I think. Hope this helps. Enjoy your fire. I am enjoying listening to the podcast on my Fire using “BeyondPod”.

    Posted 24 Dec 2011 at 1:44 pm
  2. Stephen S wrote:

    Here is the link for the Sandisk app:

    Posted 24 Dec 2011 at 1:44 pm
  3. Len Edgerly wrote:

    Thanks, Stephen! I just downloaded it to my Fire.

    Posted 24 Dec 2011 at 1:57 pm
  4. Chang wrote:

    Hi Len,
    Your segment on Kindle Fires in education was quite helpful to me, a middle school English teacher in Los Angeles. I’ve previously used (from a grant) a set of iPod Touch devices for the classroom, but have found their usefulness to be quite limited. I’m currently applying for four Kindle Fires through–a website that matches teachers with donors who could fund various projects. Hopefully, I’ll get the Kindles funded to use in my classroom. But in the meantime, I’m asking around and seeing just how Kindle Fires could be deployed in a school setting without facing many cumbersome hurdles (e.g., account security, deployment, etc.). I appreciate how Mark Isero was able to place his trust in his students–even allowing his Amazon account to be in the hands of his students for a month at a time. I haven’t decided how I would handle that in my own class, but it’s good to know at least that other teachers are doing innovative things in the classroom. I can’t wait to see how the educational landscape unfolds with advanced mobile devices.

    Posted 25 Dec 2011 at 12:24 am