Monthly Archives December 2011

TKC 178 Darlene

News – Amazon announces a record holiday season for the Kindle, and touts the Kindle Direct Publishing success of Darcie Chan. 2) M-Edge Accessories charges Amazon with “unlawful corporate bullying” in a lawsuit filed this week. Nate Hoffelder sees a veiled response to the lawsuit in Amazon’s year-end press release. Tech Tip – Stephen S […]

TKC 177 Mark Isero & Antonio Beasley

News – 1) Amazon updates the Kindle Fire software to version 6.2.1 . Consumer Reports and David Pogue are impressed. As is Stephen Windwalker.  2) Kindle for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch receive an update. Tech Tip – Why I had to reset my Fire to factory default, how to download a Project Gutenberg book […]

TKC 176 Sven Birkerts

News – 1) Jakob Nielsen pans the usability of the Kindle Fire and elaborates in an interview with David Streitfeld of The New York Times. Click here for Nielsen’s review of the second-generation Kindle back in 2009. 2) Meanwhile, Amazon reports that Kindles — Fire and others — are selling more than a million a […]

TKC 175 Robert Darnton

News – 1) Amazon announces KDP Select. 2 ) The Department of Justice joins the European Commission in investigating the agency model for e-book pricing, via ComputerWorld. Tech Tips – Fire: WiFi Analyzer helps you see if you’re camping on your neighbor’s WiFi channels. Click here for the steps to add Screen Filter (not in […]

TKC 174 Russ Grandinetti

News – 1) Amazon reports record Kindle sales on Black Friday. Laura Hazard Owen has details on estimates of the Kindle Fire’s market share compared with Apple’s iPad 2. At Best Buy, the Fire bests the iPad 2, but you need to read the fine print on that one.  Amazon posts a point-by-point comparison of […]