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News – 1) Released this week, the new Kindle Fire already has its first software update, to version 6.1. Andrys Basten has the story here. 2) AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is preparing a response to the Fire, namely a 7-inch “iPad mini” to be released early next year. 3) I offer my personal observations after using the Kindle Fire and Touch for several days. For other takes, be sure to check out reviews by Walt Mossberg, David Pogue, Tim Stevens of Engadget, Andy Ihnatko, and Bufo Calvin. Also, don’t miss well-done summaries of reviews by Abhi and Andrys Basten.

Tech Tip – What a great idea: take advantage of Amazon’s brilliant openness regarding third-party apps and sideload, say, the Barnes & Noble Nook reader app onto my Fire. Well, I didn’t get very far. If you want to try this for yourself, you might consider clicking here, here, and here.

Interview (Starts at 20:47) – Stephen Windwalker, creator of Kindle Nation Daily, reflects on this week’s arrival of the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch and announces the birth of his own new contribution to Kindle content. I spoke with Steve today, November 17th, by Skype and phone all the way from Cambridge to Arlington, Mass. For information on the weekly KND Fire Sweepstakes, in which you could win a free Kindle Fire, click here.  Steve’s historical perspective includes the prescient question he asked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a radio conversation in June of 2008. (Fast forward to about 23:26 to 27:00.)

Content – Since making my 10-minute video review of the Kindle Fire, I’ve changed my mind about which magazine design I prefer on the Fire. I now see that publications like Rolling Stone offer the reader more choices in font size and readability than the, by comparison, locked-down design of the Conde Nast publications, including The New Yorker.

EBook Ninjas Podcast – Joshua, Chris and Toby at eBook Architects in Austin know e-book formatting inside and out, so their podcast is a feast of useful information and opinion on all things e-book. I had a great time joining them for this week’s show via Skype, to talk about the new Kindles.

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  1. Richard Askenase wrote:

    Excellent show as always. It was great to hear your comments on the Fire (and Touch 3G). I’m just not interested in a 7 inch tablet, and will wait until Amazon comes out with a larger one (I avoid Apple products). I can’t see watching video on a 7 inch screen when I have a 55 inch TV which is hooked up to my stereo. It just doesn’t compute. Reading comics and graphic magazines (Hello National Geographic) does make sense.

    Stephen is always a great interview, as he is so in tune with Amazon (including his connections) and the Kindlesphere. He didn’t give any predictions here, but a good read on what is going on at present. His new magazine sounds very good, and I love that fact that your interviews will be immortalized in writing!

    Posted 19 Nov 2011 at 9:23 am
  2. Charles Lyons wrote:

    Len, really enjoyed this podcast! Very interested in the digital magazine Stephen mentioned. Also watched the 10 video you did on the Fire and wanted to comment on web surfing speed…mine is fast and smooth. Better, of course, if I am close to my wi fi router. I think I understand Silk will get faster based on your (and others) surfing habits.

    Posted 21 Nov 2011 at 11:22 pm