Monthly Archives November 2011

TKC 173 Laura Hazard Owen

News – 1) My Nook Tablet has arrived. It’s a beautiful device, but I confess I have not spent much time using it, because there is so much more to learn about the Kindle Fire. On a comparison of hardware only, I give the Nook a slight edge over the Fire, but that’s not all […]

TKC 172 Stephen Windwalker

News – 1) Released this week, the new Kindle Fire already has its first software update, to version 6.1. Andrys Basten has the story here. 2) AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is preparing a response to the Fire, namely a 7-inch “iPad mini” to be released early next year. 3) I offer my personal observations […]

TKC 171 Lance Ulanoff

News – 1) Barnes & Noble announces its new Nook Tablet at an NYC press conference on November 7. Click here for Mashable’s analysis by Lance Ulanoff and here for the Nook Tablet video. Amazon’s PR Department had a busy week, sending out press releases touting the Kindle Fire’s wide selection of apps as well […]

TKC 170 Eric Loss

News – Amazon on November 3rd launched the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, a game-changing add-on to the $79 annual Prime membership. Everyone from David Pogue to MIT’s Technology Review wonders how they can afford to offer free e-books to customers. The Wall Street Journal quotes a worried publisher and notes that the six largest publishers […]