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News – 1) Amazon announces a big jump in sales for the third quarter, but missing Wall Street’s earnings expectations dings the stock price more than a little. Jon Cog remains bullish, and Laura Hazard Owen of PaidContent coins a great term, mathiness, to describe how Jeff Bezos and company report results on Kindle sales. 2) Reuters and TheNextWeb report that talks are under way between Amazon and China, paving the way for the next really big Kindle market. 3) There’s a new way to get social with your Kindle annotations. Findings is worth checking out. Click here for their blog.

Tech Tip – How would you organize your Kindle if you were setting off on an eight-month solo circumnavigation of the globe in a 36-foot boat? Eric Loss asked for help with collections, so this tip shows you how to set them up on a computer and zap them to your Kindle.

InterviewDavid Blum, editor of Kindle Singles, talks about the dramatic growth of this brand-new category of publishing which offers compelling ideas expressed at their natural length, as Amazon likes to say. I spoke with David on Friday, October 28, by Skype and cellphone. He’s looking for content that will surprise and delight readers, and he reports that he and his staff read every single submission they receive and reply to authors within two weeks.

Content – Jan at The Kindle Reader blog has a great list of 10 mysteries set in the Middle Ages. Worth a look! Also, there’s still time to check out my 99-cent article in the Kindle Store titled A Kindle Fan’s Report from the Front Row at Amazon’s NYC Press Conference.

Links Mentioned – Brian Matt’s blog post about how the Kindle Fire will impact other businesses.

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