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News – 1) Amazon is wirelessly delivering a software update for the Kindle formerly known as the Kindle 3, now called the Kindle Keyboard. Version 3.3 tweaks the Personal Documents capability and adds AmazonLocal deals for Kindles with Special Offers. 2) The $79 Kindle 4 software has an update, from 4.0 to 4.0.1, that enables you to return the new Kindle to the way previous-generation Kindles refreshed the E Ink screen. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that, and apparently neither is Amazon, since you have to go get the update manually if you want it. The new Kindles have a “black flash” screen refresh each six pages, instead of every page.  3) As Nate the Great reports, there are also updates for Kindle for Mac and PC . They add Shelfari data to books, as well as language support for four more languages.  Click here for the Amazon page that has what you need to know about software updates for the various Kindle models. Click here for a support page that includes links to information about Kindle apps as well as device software updates. Also mentioned in News: This 30-second ad about Kindle apps.

Tech Tip –  MobileRead forum participants have helped gather useful tips for navigating the new $79 Kindle in a free booklet compiled by Jack Swinden. It’s titled Kindle Tips for 4th Generation: Non-Touch Model. Highly recommended!

Interview (Starts at 13:34)OverDrive keeps improving and expanding its distribution system for e-books, audiobooks and other digital content, providing its network of 15,000 public libraries, schools and colleges worldwide with access to more than 650,000 titles. I spoke with OverDrive’s director of marketing, David Burleigh on Tuesday, October 11, about how the addition of Kindle titles three weeks ago has been received. He also described record growth in e-book borrowing, as well as OverDrive’s latest innovation, which the company calls its WIN (for “Want It Now”) Catalog of titles which library patrons can discover and purchase through the library web sites.

ContentBufo Calvin opines on Amazon’s latest imprint, 47North. Click here for Amazon’s press release.  Also, thanks to those of you have left reviews of my 99-cent Kindle article titled A Kindle Fan’s Report from the Front Row at Amazon’s NYC Press Conference.  At last count, I’ve sold 173 copies. There is still time to help spread the word!

Link Mentioned in Your Comments: Bufo Calvin on Personal Documents.

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    nice blog to know that there is some software updates for kindle keyboard. Hope it resolves some software bugs that i am facing now

    Posted 06 Nov 2011 at 12:56 pm