TKC 166 Sri Peruvemba

News – 1) Amazon announces the opening of its French Kindle Store and the first French-language Kindle. 2) Is the screen on the new $79 Kindle slightly more difficult to read than that of the Kindle 3, now known as the Kindle Keyboard? A listener, Father Moses, thinks so, and the question is getting talked about at the Amazon forum and elsewhere. 3) Nate the Great found a way to drop the ads and special offers from his new Kindle. You can, too, but it will cost you $30. 4) Seth Meyers of the Saturday Night Live news desk reports on the debut of the Kindle Fire. Click here for video from the show that aired on 10/1/11. The K-Fire gag is at 47 seconds into the clip. 5) Via Andrys Basten, we learn that Amazon has confirmed a reduction in capability of the experimental browser that we will see on the Kindle Touch 3G. You will be able to shop at and do Wikipedia searches, but that’s it.  The Kindle Keyboard 3G still has unlimited browsing.

Tech Tip – Listener Guven Witteveen shares his method for handling the backup of content on his Kindle, including non-Amazon content. He asks for other ways to approach this task, so if you have any to suggest, please e-mail them to me at PodChronicles AT Gmail Dot Com.

Interview (Starts at 14:34) – Sri Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer for E Ink Holdings, the supplier of the ePaper technology used in the Kindle and other leading e-readers, spoke with me from San Francisco on Monday, October 3, 2011. He provided an update of the story of E Ink, which began here in Cambridge as a spinoff from the Media Lab at M.I.T in 1997, and in the past five years has seen nearly a tripling of units shipped for e-ink readers in each of the past five years.  A lot has happened in the world of E Ink since I last talked with Sri for TKC 18 in November, 2008!

Content“A Kindle’ Fan’s Report from the Front Row at Amazon’s NYC Press Conference” is now available for purchase at Amazon for 99 cents. It’s my 9,000-word account of the event, an amplified version of the live-blog posts that I did for readers of Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation Daily . Thanks to everyone who helped shape it with feedback and comments! If you would like to leave a review, I’d appreciate it! You can read about it a A Kindle World and Abhi’s blog. If you have an idea for a Kindle article, you should buy Kate Harper’s How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents.  I found it very helpful.  And if you like the cover and want to hire my son-in-law, Tom DiSilvio, who did it, you can find his coordinates here and samples of his work here.

Next Week’s Guest – David Burleigh of OverDrive, Amazon’s partner in bringing public-libary books to the Kindle.

Next Week’s Google Plus TKC Hangout – I’ll start the hangout Wednesday, October 12, at 3 p.m. EDT. If you haven’t already asked me to include you in my TKC Hangout Circle, please email me your G+ profile URL at PodChronicles AT Gmail dot com.

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