Monthly Archives October 2011

TKC 169 David Blum

News – 1) Amazon announces a big jump in sales for the third quarter, but missing Wall Street’s earnings expectations dings the stock price more than a little. Jon Cog remains bullish, and Laura Hazard Owen of PaidContent coins a great term, mathiness, to describe how Jeff Bezos and company report results on Kindle sales. […]

TKC 168 Jon Cog

News – 1) Amazon announces a brand new format for Kindle titles, named Kindle Format 8 or KF8. Chris Casey of eBook Architects and the eBook Ninjas Podcast in an interview today (starts at 2:10) explains what the new format will do and why it’s important. 2) Looking for ways to pay for a new […]

TKC 167 David Burleigh

News – 1) Amazon is wirelessly delivering a software update for the Kindle formerly known as the Kindle 3, now called the Kindle Keyboard. Version 3.3 tweaks the Personal Documents capability and adds AmazonLocal deals for Kindles with Special Offers. 2) The $79 Kindle 4 software has an update, from 4.0 to 4.0.1, that enables […]

TKC 166 Sri Peruvemba

News – 1) Amazon announces the opening of its French Kindle Store and the first French-language Kindle. 2) Is the screen on the new $79 Kindle slightly more difficult to read than that of the Kindle 3, now known as the Kindle Keyboard? A listener, Father Moses, thinks so, and the question is getting talked […]