Monthly Archives July 2011

TKC 158 Stephen Marche

News – 1) BYTE’s sources say Whispersync will be the secret sauce for Amazon’s tablet strategy, via an InformationWeek post.  My brief detour to Gilligan’s Island. 2) Jon Cog reflects on Amazon’s quarterly earnings report. 3) Stephen Windwalker‘s experimental non-coverage of the end of an Amazon v. Apple showdown. 4) My review of a new […]

TKC 157 Jeff Kingston

News – 1) Amazon announces Kindle Textbook Rental.  PaidContent’s Laura Hazard Owen has a smart story on it.  In this video, Chris Pirillo wishes they’d done it when he was in college. 2) My hands-on review of the new iRiver Story HD, optimized for the Google eBookstore. Tech Tip – My wife Darlene appreciates how the Shelfari […]

TKC 156 Dan Kennedy

News – 1) Amazon announces a $25 price drop for the Kindle 3G with Special Offers, to $139,  thanks to to a new sponsorship by AT&T. 2) The Wall Street Journal cites people who know in giving details of Amazon’s tablet plans, as well as reports of a Kindle 4 and 5. Long live E Ink! […]

TKC 155 Stephen Windwalker

News – The New York Times and Amazon announce implementation of a combined subscription that gives you free unlimited access to as part of your monthly subscription to the New York Times on Kindle. Tech Tip – A handy overview of the formats you can read on your Kindle. Interview – Stephen Windwalker, creator […]

TKC 154 Kate Harper

News – 1) My impressions of the new Kobo eReader Touch Edition. 2) Dedicated e-readers show faster growth than tablets in new survey by Pew. Tech Tip – Feedback on last week’s suggestion that you avoid manually putting your Kindle to sleep. Interview – Kate Harper, greeting-card designer and author of How to Publish and […]