Monthly Archives May 2011

TKC 149 Jon Cog

News – 1) Amazon creates a new general trade imprint headed by former Time Warner Publishing CEO Larry Kirshbaum. Click here for Mike Shatzkin’s take.  This follows creation of a new Amazon mystery imprint, Thomas & Mercer Books. 2) The Kindle gets some touching new E Ink competition from Kobo and (too late for this […]

TKC 148 Julia Adams

News – 1) Amazon announces that it is selling more Kindle titles than hardcover and paperback titles combined. John C. Dvorak says they must be, ahem, cooking the books, and he wants to see the numbers.  Mike Shatzkin says Amazon’s comparisons are apples-to-apples, unlike other attempts to measure the inroads of e-books as a share […]

TKC 147 Peter Meyers

News – 1) Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with just two words – “stay tuned” – pretty much confirms that Amazon is about to launch its own general-purpose tablet computer, but he also affirms a continuing role for a Kindle-like device devoted to book reading. Click here for video of his conversation at Consumer Reports.  2) […]

TKC 146 Jay Marine

News – 1) A report in DigiTimes, picked up by Engadget and CrunchGear, quotes sources at upstream suppliers as saying Amazon has placed orders for a much-rumored new tablet PC, to ship in the second half of this year. 2) CNET reports that a Barnes & Noble SEC filing states the company will announce a […]