TKC 145 T. J. Waters

Interview – Author T.J. Waters has created an answer to his own question, one which I bet some of you have asked yourselves: “How come the tech world can put a man on the moon and I can’t sign an eBook?” His solution is Autography LLC, which will debut at BookExpo America its system for digitally signing e-books with something like a Pogo Sketch stylus.  His books include Hyperformance: Using Competitive Intelligence for Better Strategy and Execution and Prior to the Snap: How the NFL’s HYPERFORMANCE Strategy Safeguards the World’s Most Successful Team Sport.  I spoke with Tom by Skype on April 26, 2011. Click here for the New York Times profile of his company.

News – My Kindle with Special Offers arrives, and Darlene gives it a thumbs up. The guys at the MarketFoolery podcast take note of Amazon’s quarterly earnings report and wonder what the company’s next big thing will be.  The NookColor can now play Angry Birds. Amazon introduces a subtle and effective new video ad.  And don’t forget Mother’s Day!

Tech Tip – Tom Semple gets me thinking about the My Clippings file.

ContentDo the Work by Steven Pressfield is still free at the Kindle Store.  Highly recommended!

Next Week’s Guest: Jay Marine, director of Amazon Kindle.

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  1. Mitch wrote:

    Re: Ads on my Kindle

    Never Never NEVER will I own a Kindle that feeds me advertisements, no matter how “nicely done” or “understated” they may be (now), nor how much the device is discounted. My Kindle is sacred ground and no advertiser is going to soil it with flashy marketing campaigns. And quite frankly, I’m very surprised that you and your dear wife Darlene, being the avid readers and Kindle lovers I understand you both to be, would accept this intrusion into your reading experiences. Mark my words: this is only the first phase. Before very long at all, you’ll be pressing the PAGE FORWARD button much more often just to get past all the embedded ads in your favorite novel. So consider yourself WARNED.

    Posted 03 May 2011 at 5:32 pm
  2. Len Edgerly wrote:

    Test of new CAPTCHA plug-in….

    Posted 04 May 2011 at 8:53 pm
  3. R. Mansfield wrote:

    en, after two weeks with your new show format, I think I like the older format better. I enjoyed hearing a teaser of the interview first, along with some Kindle news from the week before diving into the interview, which is essentially the main part of the podcast.

    To use an analogy, the old way was kind of like a relaxing, well-paced multi-course meal. The teaser and Kindle news of the week served as an appetizer to set one up for the main course–the interview. And then user tips and reader mail served as a great dessert.

    With the new format of going straight into the interview—I don’t know—I feel a bit rushed as if I’ve been hurriedly seated and the main course has been put in front of me before I can even have the beginnings of good conversation with those around the table.

    Or here’s another analogy. I could compare the old way of Kindle Chronicles to CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. It’s one of my favorite news shows because it’s never rushed, and goes at a slow pace to match the mood of a Sunday morning. They start with some teasers, a recap of the week’s news, and then the main stories are presented. This is the way Kindle Chronicles used to be.

    But the new format feels like a standard evening network news show in which time is limited, so the most important information is presented first with very little “cushion” and often a bit rushed—I suppose in case one is too busy to sit still for an entire 30 minutes.

    When I think of the Kindle Chronicles, I think of it as the kind of podcast that should fall into the same kind of category as a well-paced, multi-course meal or a leisurely-paced Sunday morning news show. As of yet, the new format simply doesn’t feel like either of those.

    However, that may just be me! So, I would certainly be interested to hear what others think.

    Regardless of format, I’ll keep listening. TKC is easily my favorite podcast and has been since I discovered it last year.

    Posted 05 May 2011 at 7:48 am
  4. AO wrote:

    I’m not one who cares much about autographs, but adding a digital autograph / customization is the first useful thing I’ve heard that would add value to an agency model book.

    Posted 14 May 2011 at 8:03 pm
  5. Gordy wrote:

    We are eagerly awaiting the Kindle with Special Offers in Australia! Not sure when it will be here though 🙁

    Posted 28 May 2011 at 5:54 am