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News – The deadline is April 1 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time for submitting a video entry in an unusual contest being conducted by  Thanks to a sponsorship by eDreams, the winner will receive an all-expenses-paid one-week trip to Ghana, where he or she will work as a volunteer in the organization’s project of distributing 500 Kindles to students and training the students on how to use them. You have to “like” the WorldReader Facebook page to enter. Click here to submit your video.  Click here and here for more information on the blog, and here for a video of kids using the Kindles.

Also in news: E-book sales boomed in January, according to the Association of American Publishers.

Tech Tip – Pastor Mark Pierce has more tips on the new capabilities of the latest-generation Kindle for playing Audible audiobooks.

Interview (starts at 13:04)Robert Darnton, director of the Harvard Libraries, talks about the stunning rejection of the amended Google Books Settlement, and what might prove to be an even better way to provide digital access to the nation’s treasure trove of library books. Click here for his New York Times op-ed piece on the subject and here for my interview with him last fall.

Content – Amazon and The New York Times announce that Kindle subscribers to the Times will have free access to on any device, even after the newspaper’s paywall is in place. PC World asks some questions.

Links Mentioned in Podcast:

In the latest episode of my Edge of the Road podcast, you’ll hear from the runner-up team in Ford’s recent Focus Rally America.

Newport Beach, California, officials mull the closing of the main library and replacing it with a community center. (Link e-mailed by Linda Hopkins.)


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  1. AO wrote:

    It’s a Penguin thing. Myself, and others, have have noticed the price increases Penguin has begun putting on their ebooks.

    For example, Jim Butcher’s new book is available for pre-order at $14.99. This is $2 more than last year’s release of Jim’s book Side Jobs.
    Keep in mind that last year, due to the move to agency, Jim Butcher fans had to wait months to get the ebook of Side Jobs and it cost more than the physical book.

    Now, Penguin expects us to pay more than we paid last year. Sorry, Penguin no sale. I love Jim’s books but feel that I’m being taken advantage of. I won’t pirate the book, but will wait to borrow the physical book from someone. Jim loses and Penquin loses. Frankly, I just wish I could give Jim my money directly.

    Posted 01 Apr 2011 at 11:28 am