TKC 138 Pastor Mark Pierce

News – 1) NPR Commentator and Poet Andrei Codrescu takes issue with Public Highlights on the Kindle. I wish he’d leave some of his own in his latest book, The Poetry Lesson. 2) Forrester Research’s CEO blogs cold water on the Kindle. Forrester’s James McQuivey weighs in with a caveat. 3) Kindle for Mac gets an update.

Tech Tip – Listener Mark Patrick points out a great way to see all the books I’ve bought for my Kindle, as well as all the rest of my Amazon media.

Interview (Starts at 19:40) – Pastor Mark Pierce of Church Requel in Mansfield, Ohio, shares his experience with the Pierce Family Book Club.  Maybe your family could get closer by sharing Kindle books on one Amazon account! Click here to subscribe at the iTunes Store to his video podcast and here for the audio version.

Content – I didn’t actually discuss these in the audio, but you might want to check out two Kindle Active Content titles by Nickel Buddy, Anywhere Abs, and his latest, My Yoga Studio. They are each available for $1.99.

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I hope you had a happy Read an E-Book Week!

Project Gutenberg is 40 years old this year.

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