Monthly Archives March 2011

TKC 140 Susan Glasser

News – U.S. Circuit Judge Denny Chin rejects the amended Google Books Settlement.¬† A stunned Google plans its next move. Click here to download or read a PDF of the Judge’s decision. The Association of American University Presses has an excellent overview of the issues.¬† Click here for Amazon’s objection to the original settlement. Ken […]

TKC 139 Patrick Mish

News – 1) A retailer offers free Kindles in the U.K. when you sign a two-year phone contract.¬† 2) Maybe Apple should just sell Kindles in its stores iPad accessories? 3) Hiring at Lab 126 fuels the Amazon Android Tablet rumor. Tech Tip – In which we lay to rest the topic of using nail […]

TKC 138 Pastor Mark Pierce

News – 1) NPR Commentator and Poet Andrei Codrescu takes issue with Public Highlights on the Kindle. I wish he’d leave some of his own in his latest book, The Poetry Lesson. 2) Forrester Research’s CEO blogs cold water on the Kindle. Forrester’s James McQuivey weighs in with a caveat. 3) Kindle for Mac gets […]

TKC 137 Seth Godin

News – 1) Random House belatedly joins the “Apple 5” publishers in adopting the Agency Model of e-book pricing, just in time to gain a brief but prominent mention by Steve Jobs at the iPad 2 press conference on March 2, 2011. Click here for video of the press conference. ¬†BusinessInsider offers reason to hope […]