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News – 1) Amazon announces earnings for Q-4 2010 and a Kindle milestone. Click here for coverage.  2) AmazonCrossing has its first big hit – The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch, now sitting atop the Kindle bestselling list. 3 ) Kindle Singles goes live with promising titles including The Business of Media by Larry Dignan and They Are Us by Pete Hamill.

Tech TipAndrys Basten has a good shortcut ( alt-Home ) for browsing at the Kindle Store from your Kindle. Also, how I fixed my Kindle 3’s Rip Van Winkle problem by purchasing this new cover from M-Edge Accessories.

Interview (Starts at 12:05) – Stephen Windwalker of Kindle Nation gives us a sneak preview of information he’s gleaned from his fifth survey of Kindle owners. Click here to take the survey yourself by midnight (Hawaii time) on January 31, 2011.

ContentFinal Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine and the Quest to Know Everything by Stephen Baker. Click here for the trailer.

Links to other items mentioned:

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BillMonk, recommended by Joyce Schultz

How to cite e-texts, courtesy of George from Tulsa.

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  1. MarcC wrote:

    I took the survey. I completely forgot to ask for “poolside color”. What a great name for exactly what I want. I don’t want video. I *DO* want to be able to see photographs and graphics in color, outdoors in full sunlight. Yes!!!

    I am also strongly in agreement that the pricing models for e-books are completely out of touch with my buying. I’ll simply not buy a book rather than pay the prices that the publishers are asking right now. I’ll go buy some other book by some other author on the subject I want to read about rather than to pay anything above US $9.99. Actually, I mostly won’t buy anything priced about US $5.00.

    Great interview with Mr. Windwalker. Much appreciated.

    Posted 29 Jan 2011 at 1:42 am
  2. Marie Sotiriou wrote:


    A friend of mine also experienced issues with a new Kindle and a non-lighted case. Their Kindle was periodically freezing and then rebooting. They reported it to Amazon and they were quickly reimbursed for the first case and also given a credit difference towards a lighted case. Amazon’s customer service is always excellent! There have been several blogs and articles referencing this issue. Here is one of them:

    Thanks as always for the great podcast!

    Posted 29 Jan 2011 at 9:07 am
  3. Al MacDiarmid wrote:

    Len, I am one of those who reads the show notes. You can tell since I am responding using the show notes page. I just finished listening to your podcast, it is Saturday and my day for listening since you post it after my bed time often, I just consider this my Saturday Kindle Chronicles.

    About DRM. I am also one of those people who are not interested in giving away umpteen copies of a book I have purchased, but I would like to be able to use it in the manner I think is reasonable. I bought the book “The Belly Fat Cure” by Jorge Cruise. He has lots of good recipes and suggests we make up shopping lists. Unfortunately I ran into the limit of clipping so I cannot print them or even save them to my computer for consolidation. I do have the option of paying extra to join something of his that does allow access to the menus and recipes. I have not done that as I feel it is a money grab on his part. Of course I do have it on my Kindle so I can get at the recipes that way, but my mate wants it on paper. Some of the recipes are short enough that I can transcribe it by typing it in again to the computer, but I feel offended that I cannot deal with this in an efficient manner rather than a work around, working around the paranoia of publishers.

    I love the ability to search for something in a book. I have a health book that has something in it I know I have read. I cannot find it using the index, even though the index is very extensive. I cannot find it browsing, it is a huge book. That is a perfect book for having electronically, but alas there is no copy. At least with the Kindle I can highlight it or bookmark the page or search the book for whatever it is that I can remember about it.

    Finally about prices. My mate asked me to order “A Dog’s Purpose”. I looked it up and told her it was $11.99. She said to forget it. The library copy now sits on the edge of her seat, but I doubt she will finish it in the two weeks allowed. One lost sale for the author because he wants us to pay more than the $5 we have set as our limit.

    Posted 29 Jan 2011 at 10:24 am
  4. Mike Gordon wrote:

    My guess on the non-lighted hooked cases is that the metal hooks are one piece or connected by metal, thus putting a short circuit between the hooks which act as the positive and negative power terminals for the light. Len, you could test this by putting a continuity tested (or multimeter) between the hooks on your case to see if they conduct current. If so, you could paint them with nail polish or other non-conductive paint to insulate them. I’m sure tape or heat-shrink tubing would be too thick and interfere with the mechanical fit of the hooks.

    Posted 29 Jan 2011 at 10:37 am
  5. Joan wrote:

    Hi Len! Love your podcast:)
    I’m a lawyer by trade, but I do a lot of knitting. Recently, there was a link posted to a .pdf table that compared/contrasted the various e-readers on the current market. I thought it was interesting, but was not surprised when Kindle seemed to lead the pack!
    Keep on podcasting – really appreciate your work!
    Joan Gavigan
    a/k/a fuguestateknits

    Here’s the link:

    Posted 01 Feb 2011 at 1:08 pm

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