Monthly Archives January 2011

TKC 132 Stephen Windwalker

News – 1) Amazon announces earnings for Q-4 2010 and a Kindle milestone. Click here for coverage.  2) AmazonCrossing has its first big hit – The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch, now sitting atop the Kindle bestselling list. 3 ) Kindle Singles goes live with promising titles including The Business of Media by Larry […]

TKC 131 Catherine MacDonald

News – 1) What would the demise of Borders mean for Kindle competitor Kobo? 2 ) Kindle Nation Daily has just released its winter survey. Learn all about the survey here, or simply click here to participate. Tech Tip – Hunter Davis provides a creative solution to last week’s query about how to take notes […]

TKC 130 Libby Malin Sternberg

News – 1) David Letterman doesn’t know what page he’s on in an e-book.  Joshua Tallent and the eBook Ninjas know how to fix that. 2) The Kindle is winning the War of the Tweets. 3) The Telegraph in London reports on Jonah Lehrer’s suggestion that e-books are too easy to read.  Lehrer’s followup piece […]

TKC 129 Joshua Tallent

News – 1) Are libraries screwed in the age of e-books? A provocative presentation in September by Eli Neiberger of the Ann Arbor District Library argues yes, unless…  I found the item at the blog of Eric Hellman.  2) Overdrive announces new apps and a big increase in borrowing of e-books from libraries (sadly, not […]