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News – 1) Via Abhi’s blog, I’ll be tuned in to Oprah on Monday, Dec. 6, in hopes that forum reports of another big Christmas Kindle endorsement are true.  If so, another Oprah rave will no doubt goose sales this year the way her favorite favorite gadget benefited in 2008. 2) David Pogue gives a big Ho Ho Ho! to the Kindle in his video Santa recommendations. 3) WorldReader readies 440 Kindles for its ambitious pilot project in Ghana. Click here to donate!

Tech Tip – Stephen Windwalker of Kindle Nation Daily shows me how you can download Audible books from your archive to your Kindle over WiFi.   Also, an excerpt from a recent session with my blind cousin, Peter, to see how well the Kindle 3’s voice menu and text-to-speech will work for him when his new Kindle arrives in Texas.

Interview (begins at 13:42) – Michael Hiltzik, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist at the Los Angeles Times, penned an engaging account of his recent conversion to e-reading.  In our interview on November 30, he also talked about his latest book, Colossus: Hoover Dam and the Making of the American Century, Marshall McLuhan, and an essay in The Atlantic by Sven Birkerts titled “Resisting the Kindle.” Among the books on Mike’s Kindle are works by humorist Christopher Moore, Winston’s War by Max Hastings, and The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene.

Content – Why I recommend Colossus by Michael Hiltzik even though Simon & Schuster’s Kindle version makes just about every mistake in the book.

Travel Note: I’ll be in Miami for the next few days, attending Art Basel Miami Beach with my friends Kes Woodward and Anthony Radich. Kes was my interview guest on TKC 50. Anthony, who is executive director of the Western States Arts Federation,  has been my guest on several past interviews, predating The Kindle Chronicles, including this conversation about technology and the arts recorded in December, 2007.  I’m not planning a heavy schedule of blogging from Miami, but if I can’t help myself you will find posts and photos at .

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  1. Tony Roberts wrote:

    I was interested in your session with your blind cousin and the Kindle.

    I showed my Kindle 3 to my blind brother-in-law (who professionally evaluates new technology for accessibility) a few weeks ago, and we decided that the Kindle 3’s improved accessibility hasn’t gone quite far enough.

    Clearly the Voice Guide is a significant aid for helping a blind person navigate the Kindle, but once inside a book with text-to-speech turned on, the blind reader has no reasonable navigational control at his disposal.

    Clearly more works needs to done before the Kindle can be a useful device for a blind person.

    Please update us in a few weeks as to how your cousin gets along.

    Thank for the podcast.

    Posted 04 Dec 2010 at 11:08 am

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