Monthly Archives December 2010

TKC 128 Joyce Neujahr

News – 1) Amazon just barely makes its deadline of adding lending capability for Kindle by the end of the year. Bookborrowr prepares a community of Kindle loaners and borrowers.  2) The Kindle 3 passes Harry Potter 7 as the most popular Amazon product in history, leading at least one tech pundit to admit he […]

TKC 127 Pastor Mark Pierce

News – 1) Bloomberg, citing someone who knows, reports that Amazon will sell more than 8 million Kindles in 2010.  2) Publishers Weekly issues a disparaging report on Apple’s iBooks store. Tech Tip – My wife Darlene offers three suggestions for new Kindle users: 1) form a group of friends and/or family to share an […]

TKC 126 Peter Tighe

News – 1) Amazon sort of announces record Kindle sales for the holiday season so far. If you do the math, the Kindle is selling faster than the NookColor. 2) Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan tells C-Span she reads briefs on her Kindle. 3) The Android platform is the first to receive a major new […]

TKC 125 James McQuivey

News – 1) Google finally launches its much-delayed Google eBookstore, as reported by The Washington Post, A Kindle World, and Kindle Nation Daily.  Independent bookstores such as my favorite, the Tattered Cover in Denver, jumped on the e-wagon, enabling me to buy an e-book from the TC for the first time, but not for my […]

TKC 124 Michael Hiltzik

News – 1) Via Abhi’s blog, I’ll be tuned in to Oprah on Monday, Dec. 6, in hopes that forum reports of another big Christmas Kindle endorsement are true.  If so, another Oprah rave will no doubt goose sales this year the way her favorite favorite gadget benefited in 2008. 2) David Pogue gives a […]