TKC 120 Ryan Block

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Note: This episode was pre-recorded in Cambridge, Mass., before we left for our trip to South Africa and Botswana, for delayed release.

Tech Tip – Listener Wayne Scott tells how to listen to your favorite podcasts on your Kindle and refers us to this tip which enables  Linux computers to automatically treat the Kindle as an MP3 player that will sync new podcast episodes when you connect your Kindle to your computer. 

Interview – I interviewed Ryan Block, founder of, at a Boston event he co-hosted on September 22, 2010.  I asked him about the time he scooped everyone when he was at Engadget, with news of the Kindle’s arrival a year before the official debut on November 19, 2007. (Click here to see why Papermag named him one of the Beautiful People of 2006.)  Ryan also tells why he’s switched most of his book reading to the iPad from the Kindle.

Content – Before we left for Africa, I pre-ordered the Deluxe eBook Edition of Decision Points by former president George W. Bush.  It will arrive on my Dell “Hackintosh” computer while we’re in Botswana, on November 9, 2010.

Paging Ahead: Tips and Tools for E-Book Mastery – This is the first part of a talk I gave on September 25, 2010, at Podcamp Boston 5. Click here for links to the topics I discussed. To be concluded in TKC 121…

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  1. Lauren Teller wrote:

    I just thought you should know that graphic novels-mainly Manga is being put onto the Kindle Store… And you can also use Calibre to transfer graphic novels to the Kindle… 🙂

    Posted 15 Nov 2010 at 2:49 am