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Kindles ready for distribution at Clearwater (FL) High School on October 14, 2010. Tampa Tribune Photo by Josh Green

News – 1) Amazon announces “Kindle Singles,” prompting the best Kindle headline of the week, “Honey I Shrunk the E-Book” at the WSJ’s All Things Digital Blog.  Who will be the first journalist to take advantage of this new form? How about this one? Maybe Ezra Klein foresaw something like this two years ago.  2) Cowan and Co. report that the iPad, instead of killing the Kindle, is making it stronger.  3) Three new games arrive in the Kindle Store – Triple Town – whose creator’s CEO muses on whether games on the Kindle will be a good investment – Solitare and Mine Sweeper.

Tech Tip – How to put several books in one collection or add a single book into several collections.

Interview – Because you had more questions,  John Just, assistant superintendent for management information systems at Pinellas County (FL) Schools, returns to the podcast to explain operational details of  Clearwater High School’s first-in-the-nation experiment of equipping all 2,100 students with Kindles. John’s previous Kindle Chronicles interviews are here and here. He explains that there is at least one hero among the textbook publishers he’s dealing with.

Content – J. A. Konrath’s Shaken will be delivered to Kindles by pre-orders ($2.99) on October 26. You can read a free teaser from Amazon here, and continue reading another 40,000 words at Kindle Nation Daily.

Comments – Dorian Nisinsin on a Kindle for Mac problem, Nick Todd with an idea for Amazon re:  Sarah Diment’s Kindle loaner program at the Beachmere Inn, and Ann Miner on the joys of aerobic Kindling.

Next week’s guest will be Susan Moody of with an update on that organization’s upcoming year-long pilot project testing 500 Kindles in schools, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education in Ghana. WorldReader’s co-founder, David Risher, was my guest on TKC 88 in March.

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  1. Shelley wrote:

    Just listening to the update from John Just regarding the Clearwater High School Kindle project. He makes mention that they are working on a way to allow the students to buy their own books and separate those from the texts that the school wants to “get back” when the student graduates.
    Although I am sure they already have considered this suggestion….wouldn’t it be nice if this provided more incentive for Amazon to support “books that expire” aka “library books”. If the textbooks had a predetermined life determined by the length the student was at school and then “expired” at that time, the school would get it’s books back.

    Still hoping that someday Amazon will provide the option for us to use our public library systems….just looking for anything that will make it worth their while to do so.

    Posted 18 Oct 2010 at 5:36 pm

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