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News – 1) Scattered reports of Kindle 3 freeze-ups and crashes echo my own experience.  Late-breaking news from Abhi indicates Amazon may be working on a software fix soon.  2) Sony announces three new Readers. 3) Staples to begin selling Kindles.

Tech Tip – Via A Kindle World, I learn about an easy way to convert Google Books from ePub to Kindle format. The answer is RetroRead.

Interview (14:07) – Richard Nash is putting his visionary ideas about how to link authors with readers to work in creating his startup independent publishing business, Cursor.  We spoke on August 23 about how it’s going and what’s ahead. If you’re looking for a good read, he recommends You Were Wrong by Matthew Sharpe.

ContentI’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman made history when the e-book version outsold physical copies during the book’s first week of sales.

Comments – Roy in L.A. passes along two links from MobileRead about reports of slow page turns on the Kindle 3. Allen MacDiarmid gives his first impressions of the Kindle 3.  Jean Remple is still trying to figure out what the microphone on the Kindle 3 is for, and Nick Todd has an idea about how he’d like to use it.

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  1. Harold Katelnikoff wrote:

    Hi. I got my Kindle 3 on the first. It crashed on the second while I was reading a book. It restarted itself, though I had to move forward until I got to where I left off.
    My Kindle 2 did freeze and I on and offed it till it restarted.
    My Kindle 1 never had a problem.

    Posted 03 Sep 2010 at 11:53 pm
  2. Laura wrote:

    Hello Len. I received my K3 on Aug. 30th. Thursday night I had my first (and only so far) freeze up – I was choosing a book from the home page.

    This morning my K3 rebooted on me when downloading books from the archive. I had only chosen 3 books.

    We have 3 K2’s in the family, one since 2 weeks after launch. Have never seen a freeze up or reboot. BUT – the issues with screen contrast and sun fade were much more concerning than these software issues in my opinion.

    Posted 04 Sep 2010 at 8:33 am
  3. Matt Gibson wrote:

    Can I scatter another report? 🙂 I got my Kindle 3, my first Kindle, last week. Since then it’s crashed twice, appearing completely unresponsive, just while reading a book — nothing “experimental”.

    Last night I was flipping to the next page in a .mobi copy of O’Reilly’s _Cooking for Geeks_ and the Kindle just locked up; it needed a hard reboot to come back to life. Went back to the book, flipped forward to the right page, no problem.

    It’s a bit disconcerting when your books suddenly disappear while turning the page, and it’s making me trust the Kindle less and less every time. Starting to think I may be better off taking some paper books on holiday…

    Posted 04 Sep 2010 at 9:31 am
  4. Vonda Z wrote:

    Since you asked for crash experience with the Kindle 3 in the podcast, here is my experience:

    My Kindle 3 has frozen three times. I got it on Aug 27 and the first freeze was when downloading my books from the archives. The Kindle would not respond to any input including the hard reset with the switch. However, after plugging it in and leaving it for maybe 15 minutes, it started working again (must have rebooted itself when I wasn’t watching) – but everything I had downloaded was now gone. I dismissed this as an “indexing” bug and had been prewarned this could happen if you download too much at once so I didn’t worry about it. I take responsibility there for being impatient to download my library.

    The second and third time happened just when reading about 3 days later. I hadn’t been highlighting, using the Internet, downloading, or doing any PDF work or anything else besides opening a book and reading it. Wireless was off. In one case, I put the Kindle down to put my kids to bed and found that when I returned 20 minutes later, the screen saver had not kicked in and the machine was frozen. Again, I couldn’t restart it with the hard reset, so I plugged it in and left it for 30 minutes. It was still frozen, so I unplugged and this time, I was able to do a hard reset. My most current place had reverted back quite a ways and the clock lost more than 4 hours. It was as if the reset restored the system to some state it had saved many hours ago. I left it plugged in to fully recharge for the night.

    The third time happened the very next morning while reading. I went to turn a page and the Kindle was frozen. This time, I was able to do a hard reset right away. This was the very next use after the problem the previous night and may have been still related to that lockup. Since then (Wed morning, I think), I have been using the Kindle a lot and I have had no problems at all.

    Still love the Kindle 3 despite the rare freezes. I haven’t reported it to CS as I have skinned mine and am waiting to see if a software fix is forthcoming rather than needing to send my unit back. Since the problem is so rare, I am in no hurry to replace the unit if that is what is required. I’d rather wait and make sure it needs replacing.

    Also, while I know that many haven’t had any problems, I have been using my Kindle almost non-stop during the day for this first week and have only seen the problem as reported above. If I hadn’t been too hasty to download my entire library initially and if I had only been using the Kindle to read for a few hours a day (as I normally would), I may not have run into the problem yet and would believe my unit is perfectly normal, too. So it is possible that more people have the problem than realize it yet. Not saying they do. Just saying its possible.

    Posted 04 Sep 2010 at 10:50 am
  5. Patrick wrote:

    I had read about people having lock ups and did not worry when I had a few. I am hoping that it’s just a software glitch and that it will soon be corrected. .In spite of a few lock ups, I am thoroughly enjoying my Kindle 3

    Posted 04 Sep 2010 at 9:49 pm
  6. Tom Semple wrote:

    I have had about a dozen spontaneous restarts or lockups since getting my K3 on Aug 27. There was no discernible pattern to these issues, nor any way of reproducing them.

    Having seen some of my posts on the Amazon Kindle Community forum about this, Amazon called me to inquire further, and downloaded some log files from it. I had 2 or 3 days of crash-free usage following this, but by the end of the week it had crashed 3 or 4 more times.

    Saturday afternoon they called again to ask if I would be willing to try out an update (‘3.0.1’) that they believed would fix some issues. I agreed to do so, and have not experienced any crashing since then, with 10 hours or so of usage logged. So far, so good.

    I still have one minor issue—the time is not synchronizing to a correct value for some reason, probably something that affects wi-fi only models like mine—but I trust we’ll all have ‘crash-free kindles’ before much longer.

    Posted 06 Sep 2010 at 11:04 am
  7. Andie wrote:

    Hi Len, love your podcasts! Here is my experience. My husband received his k3 about a week ago, and it crashed once while reading, but we did a soft reset which seemed to correct that problem. However it also had very slow page turns, which prompted me to call amazon. They sent us a replacement immediately, which we appreciated. The replacement has had no crashes, and has a more solid power switch (the first one was “wiggly”) but still has slow page turns. DH decided to just keep it and deal with the slow page turns because it didn’t bother him too much.

    I received my k3 today, and it has a slightly wiggly power switch, and also the slow page turn issue, although it has yet to crash. I am disappointed because, since I never had any problems with my k2, I believe that the lower price points mean that these k3’s are being made with cheaper materials. I am not planning on returning my k3 due to the page turns, but I sure hope a firmware update can fix the problem! This is 3 k3’s in a row that have had this slow page turn issue, and it’s pretty disappointing.

    Posted 07 Sep 2010 at 5:19 pm
  8. Bryan Pfeiffer wrote:

    In the one week I’ve owned my Kindle 3 it has frozen up on me twice and rebooted on its own twice. Holding the power switch did restart the Kindle on one of the freeze-ups. But I seem to recall having to connect the Kindle to my computer in order to get it running on another freeze-up. I’ll admit to not noting the circumstances of each problem. And I can’t recall exactly what I was doing when the reboots happened. I’ll continue to monitor the situation.

    Posted 08 Sep 2010 at 10:33 am
  9. Jonathan wrote:

    I got my K3 yesterday and I’ve had about a dozen spontaneous reboots. I’m on the phone with Kindle support and they sent me here to download an update.

    It’s installing now. I hope this fixes the issue because I am really impressed with the quality of the text on this amazing device.

    Posted 08 Sep 2010 at 10:01 pm
  10. Laura wrote:

    I have not received any other reboot/freezes, just the one each. But I found out the other day that it has a problem in the sun! Page turns will get slower and slower. I did download the update and will test it one more time, though I am not sure that would be a software issue.

    From talk on the Amazon boards, CS has acknowledge they are aware of this, but hopefully its not to common.

    Posted 09 Sep 2010 at 7:37 pm
  11. Florence Rose wrote:

    The Kindle 3 Wifi 3G finally arrived but I have a problem it won,t start up with Netgear. Clock is wrong time. The bars indicate I have
    power but I keep getting the pop up message
    that I am not connected to a WiFi.

    Posted 11 Sep 2010 at 1:25 pm
  12. Loren wrote:

    I am on my 3rd K3 in one month and am incredibly frustrated as each one has had the same problems:

    1. spontaneous rebooting. It happens multiple times every time I pick it up it (11 times during a 4 hour train ride and 3 times just this morning). I just have to look at it the wrong way and it reboots. I’m quite sick of that little boy reading under the tree!

    2. won’t start up/wake up, requiring a hard rebooting. This happens about 75% of the time.

    On a positive note, Customer service has been great. I get someone on the phone within 1 minute of calling and they always have a solution to try (even if it doesn’t work). They have sent 2 replacements within 24 hours and been incredibly receptive and helpful. I just finished a call with them and installed what I hope will be the Big Fix – 3.0.2 software.
    If it doesn’t resolve the issue, i’m just returing the thing and going back to good old fashioned books.

    Posted 06 Nov 2010 at 1:49 pm
  13. mark in tx wrote:

    Got the K3 for Christmas and today it froze and can’t fix it with multiple resets. Amazon sending replacement but its still a bummer. Somethings wrong with the K3 me thinks.

    Posted 27 Dec 2010 at 12:40 am