Monthly Archives September 2010

TKC 114 John Just

News – 1) Amazon’s update of the Kindle for Android app gives a clue about what the microphone on the Kindle 3 might be used for. 2) Tweets by BiblioVault about a slight change in KindleGen makes Nate the Great wonder if ePub is coming to the Kindle. Tech Tip – Three ways to do […]

TKC 113 Lewis Hyde

News – 1) The Motley Fool Money podcast crew considers Best Buy‘s decision to carry the Kindle 2) Amazon’s new Kindle ad goes viral, and Apple watcher John Gruber says it’s a good one.  3) Best-selling author David Morrell goes directly to Amazon for the latest Kindle-exclusive publishing deal. Blogger Mike Cane calls it more […]

TKC 112 James McQuivey

News – 1) Amazon updates the Kindle 3 software. 2) Kindles are coming to Best Buy this fall. Tech Tip – John Cog in a post at his Me and My Kindle blog tipped me off to a way to find other Kindle users on Google Maps, courtesy of a computer consultant in Croatia named […]

TKC 111 Richard Nash

News – 1) Scattered reports of Kindle 3 freeze-ups and crashes echo my own experience.  Late-breaking news from Abhi indicates Amazon may be working on a software fix soon.  2) Sony announces three new Readers. 3) Staples to begin selling Kindles. Tech Tip – Via A Kindle World, I learn about an easy way to […]