TKC 90 James McQuivey

News – All about the iPad – my moment of geek royalty, Kindle in the sun video, and testing iPad in the wild video – and Robert Scoble is wrong again, this time on This Week in Tech, about the Kindle (here’s the first time, in 2007). , E-Books for Troops launches with an assist from M-Edge. Also, Engadget reports that Kindle is coming to Target and nook is coming to Best Buy.

Tech TipCalibre‘s latest version adds a Fetch Annotations feature.

Interview James McQuivey of Forrester Research scores the latest round in Apple v. Amazon and predicts a third combatant may enter the fray soon.

Content – How you can load The Atlantic and Le Monde, among others, to your Kindle for free using Calibre.

Comments – Jeff Freedman and Bill Brogdon weigh in on the iPad.

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