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TKC 93 Stephen Windwalker

News – Item 1: Score another one for the Kindle: a Los Angeles Times investigative piece quotes warnings from sleep experts that holding a bright LCD screen close to your face for bedtime reading is not recommended if you suffer from insomnia.  The unnatural brightness retards the body’s secretion of melatonin.  The Rx?  A soothing […]

TKC 92 Carolyn Kellogg

News – Item 1: David Letterman weighs in on the iPad as Kindle Killer (click here for video – Kindle bit starts at 2:48). Item 2: Ken Auletta of The New Yorker asks “Publish or Perish: Can the iPad topple the Kindle and Save Publishing?” Andrys Basten’s offers a rebuttal, with link to FAIR critique. Digital Book World Roundtable panelists Ed Nowotka and Laura Dawson give their thoughts on the Auletta piece. Item 3: Citi’s Mark Mahaney tells CNBC’s Fast Money he is still modestly bullish on Amazon. Item 4: Now it’s official – Target will be selling Kindles. Item 5: Calibre, the free e-book management program, passes a big milestone – one million users.

Tech Tip – More on last week’s navigation tips, from the Reading Edge Facebook page.

Interview – Carolyn Kellogg caught my eye with her Los Angeles Times blog post titled “iPad’s book-like touches may appeal to traditional readers.” The Blog is titled Jacket Copy, and you can subscribe to it on your Kindle by clicking here. In a phone/Skype conversation on April 20, we discussed the essence of the book and other topics.

Content – Stephen Windwalker discusses Amazon’s exclusive Kindle book published with Time Magazine – Love, Sex, Freedom and the Paradox of the Pill, available for $5.59 at the Kindle Store. Another book you won’t find in the Apple iBooks store is Blockade Billy, a novella by Stephen King, priced at $7.79. Also, a quick comparison of reading the Wall Street Journal on Kindle versus the same newspaper as an iPad app.

Comments – I hear back from dizzle, who called me out here and turns out to be a “she”, as well as a former Kindle owner saving up for an iPad. Also, Greg Keck on his iPad experiences and a long message from CEN about migraines, LCD screens and the Kindle DX as cure.

TKC 91 Cali Lewis

News – Item 1: Amazon’s Scott Ambrose Reilly moves from running the company’s digital music division to managing business development for Kindle periodicals. Stephen Windwalker in his new iPad Nation Daily blog urges Reilly to open up the Kindle blogging platform to the whole family of Kindle devices, not just the Kindle itself. Item 2: does an balanced and thorough job of comparing the iPad and the Kindle. Item 3: Carolyn Kellogg of the Los Angeles Times notices that the iPad’s iBooks app looks more like a traditional book than the Kindle does.

Tech Tip – Following up on an e-mail from listener Jonathan Bloom, I share some navigation tips taking advantage of the Kindle’s versatile five-way controller.

Interview – Cali Lewis, the happy, shiny Geek Girl who hosts GeekBrief.TV, has been a loyal fan of the Kindle since the beginning, when the original Kindle renewed her reading habit. She’s also a keen experimenter with the iPad, so I was very glad to have a chance to visit with her by Skype on April 12, 2010, about where things stand with the Kindle in the first weeks of the iPad Era.

Content – A classic science fiction novel, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, is now available on the Kindle.

Comments – Ron Mertens tips me off to a report by DisplaySearch estimating that Amazon sold 3.3 million Kindles last year. Rho ponders the iPad. Brett McNeill says listening to the Kindle Chronicles is like talking tech and literature with a friend over coffee. A blogger who goes by Dizzle takes exception to my the “absurd snobbery” of my suggestion last week that Robert Scoble has abandoned the Kindle for the iPad because he only skims his reading material, as opposed to Kindle fanboys like me who immerse themselves in books. Point taken, and I’d love to hear more from Dizzle, whose snarky and well-written blog is titled “i drank the kool-aid clutching my dixie cup of apple goodness.”

TKC 90 James McQuivey

News – All about the iPad – my moment of geek royalty, Kindle in the sun video, and testing iPad in the wild video – and Robert Scoble is wrong again, this time on This Week in Tech, about the Kindle (here’s the first time, in 2007). , E-Books for Troops launches with an assist […]

TKC 89 Bryan Person

News – Stephen Colbert on the iPad’s free ride on the cover of Newsweek, whose back cover contains a Kindle ad; Natali del Conte’s campy presentation of an iPad on CBS Early Morning; Andy Ihnatko takes his iPad to the beach; Amazon scrambles to have Kindle for iPad app ready for Day 1 of the […]