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Scott Stossel

News – An interview with Army Sgt. Andre Corbin, who is headed for active duty in Afghanistan next month.  His gear will include a new Kindle and accessories in a sponsorship by M-Edge Accessories.  Andre describes how well-suited eReader technology is for military personnel serving in remote areas, and he announces his intention to blog about his experience in Afghanistan at (an in-process blog template, with content to come.)  Also, comments by M-Edge CEO Patrick Mish on why he and his team were so enthusiastic in their support for this project.

Note: Among the items mentioned in my conversation with Andre were the books Ghost Wars by Steve Coll and In Afghanistan by David Loyne Loyn.  Also mentioned is AAFES, which operates the post exchange at many U.S. military bases.

Tech Tip –  Click here if you have not yet received the latest slight update for your Kindle or DX software.  Listeners’ comments on my Facebook page indicate the update is a pretty good tuneup for the Kindle’s operating system, increasing reliability and speed for some actions.

Interview – Scott Stossel, deputy editor of The Atlantic magazine, describes the genesis of an innovative partnership with Amazon to sell two high-quality short stories for Kindle each month for $3.99 each.  Scott also tells what the reaction to the program has been so far from readers and authors.  If you’d like to provide feedback to him on the short-fiction program, you can email Scott directly at ScStossel AT TheAtlantic DOT com.

Sgt. Andre Corbin

Content – I’m holding over until next week’s show a creative way to organize your Kindle content using Instapaper AND Calibre.  For an advance peek, check out Dave Slusher‘s blog post describing his method.

Comments – This week I’ll post your comments as a separate episode here at The Kindle Chronicles.

HOW TO WIN A KINDLE AND ACCESSORY – Click here to check out out my new Facebook “Reading Edge” page. If you become a fan, you will automatically be entered to win a 6-inch Kindle and one accessory from Octovo.  The drawing will take place at noon Mountain Time on April 1, 2010. Thanks to Octovo for sponsoring this contest!

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Comments 3

  1. Carl Corbin wrote:

    Andy – very nice…Now give us some war stories!

    Posted 27 Feb 2010 at 6:12 pm
  2. Al MacDiarmid wrote:

    I spent 16 years in the military and another 30,000 miles over the bottom in my sailboat. Both of those situations had me trading paper backs from a very limited supply. The Kindle would have been perfect for either of those situations. I now travel occasionally in an RV and space is limited there as well. There are very few books in the RV but there are two Kindles. Most of my books reside on my computer and I load them onto the Kindle as I want them. If I had had a computer in the Navy I would have some better sea stories than the ones I am trying to write from memory.

    Posted 28 Feb 2010 at 8:01 am
  3. Bob Lee wrote:

    Sgt. Corbin: Thank you so much for helping defend our nation! The e-book promotion you were interested in is called “Operation e-book Drop”, where authors can provide free versions of their e-books to those in uniform. To learn more, go to->

    The Amazon board that lists the participating authors that you might have seen is located at->

    There is also a website with a forum at->

    Good luck!

    Posted 10 Mar 2010 at 8:49 am