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Jim Jones of Omaha

I’ve been reading nonstop this week about the iPad’s impact on the Kindle and eReaders, and some of the smartest commentary so far comes from listeners of The Kindle Chronicles.

So this is a special episode comprising just your comments.  Many thanks to those who joined the conversation, namely Pastor Mark Pierce, Mary McManus, Bob Anderson, Jim Jones (in photo at right), Kipp Poe, Jean Remple, Marie Sotiriou, Dan Meyers, John Halkias, Candy Yates, and Stace Wile.

There’s more to be said, so please feel free to email me at PodChronicles AT Gmail DOT com, or leave a comment here on the show notes page.  You can also leave an audio comment by calling 206-666-2713.

You might be interested in a article titled “Apple iPad Raises the Stakes for eReaders” by Priya Ganapati.  I’m proud to be quoted by her as a die-hard e-reader fan, and I thought she did a good job reporting a complex story in a fair way.

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  1. Brian Winslow wrote:

    On Friday 29 Jan, Len Edgerly was quoted on about the pricing models at Amazon and Apple, saying ““It’s going to be a titanic struggle with publishers trying hard to get Amazon to abandon the $10-bestsellers pricing, but they are unlikely to succeed.”

    Wow – that didn’t take long, did it? On Sunday the 31st, Amazon caved.

    Edgerly also discounts the advantages of “pretty” e-books. Well, unless TKC is strictly a hobby (which one doubts), he does have something to gain in showing public support for the Kindle.

    More importantly, his comments indicate a constrained approach to reading. Apparently he reads mostly fiction, but only the kind without illustrations or cover art. One of my uses for an iPad will be to read technical documents in PDF format, which often come with colored illustrations that are essential to the text. Then there are magazines and newspapers, both of which rely heavily on color photos and drawings.

    Since Edgerly’s prediction on pricing was disproved so quickly, perhaps he should widen his horizons — or at least stop making predictions.

    Posted 01 Feb 2010 at 9:01 am
  2. Blair Slavin wrote:

    I found listening to the letters interesting as so many people seemed to be more of B&W thinking on the matter of Kindle or iPad only. The kindle is great as a reading device just for books. But for technical stuff such as Physical Therapy Books such as I need for my business, I find the Kindle Lacking. So color and size will be great. First off was size being an issue. The iPad’s screen is 9.7″ diagonal. The Kindle 2 body is 9.5″ diagonal. So all you are adding is a 1/2 inch bezel to the kindle and making it a square instead of a rectangle shape along with 7oz of weight. I seem to recall reading many a book that was much, much heavier than that. People seem concerned about reading from a backlight screen. Yet I read Kindle Books off my iPhone all the time and never have any eyestrain. In fact the DPI on the iPad will be much higher than the iPhone… making eye strain even less of an issue and you can adjust the brightness of the iPad. Also I find the clipping to the Kindle a hit and miss thing. Now I will be able to hit a website and send it to a iPad program called Evernote. I can send it for free, go back and read the web pages or clippings which also will include links to other sites within an article. I look at it as a great tool to supplement my general use of the Kindle. As I am always jumping from my Kindle to my iPhone for various tools and reference material. True, people like simple do only one thing products. I have to wonder how these people will feel when the next Kindle has a touch screen and is in color and actually shows animation (like I wrote you about Len for the CES show and the person with the E-Ink screen that all but said it was for the next Kindle). Amazon always said color was probably 2011…but whats a few months early and the new Touch Screen company that Amazon bought (or reportedly bought, as neither will confirm nor deny, but that companies website says they are now no longer in business.) is suppose to be a clear screen that does not darken the screen unlike the Sony Reader. I will keep my current Kindle for long term reading trips and when it isn’t convenient to bring my iPad along (to the beach and other places). But all in all, I think complaining before you actually get to try something and being so closed minded from the get go is rather sad.

    Posted 05 Feb 2010 at 11:55 am
  3. David van Zijl wrote:

    With the advent of the Kindle Fire, the advantage which the iPad had with respect to color screen and being able to look at colored images and photos has all but been eliminated.

    Posted 24 Oct 2013 at 9:21 am

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