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News – Amazon beats expectations by reporting a whopping 71-percent increase in net income for the fourth quarter of 2009 and offers its first-ever information on how many Kindles the company has sold.  Apple presents to the world its gorgeous tablet, the iPad.  In the long-running soap opera known as “Who Will Kill the Kindle?” Steve Jobs’s presentation had plenty of pundits declaring “game over.”  Not so much on Wall Street, or among four leading Kindle bloggers – Andrys Basten, Stephen Windwalker, Abhi, and Bufo Calvin.

Tech Tip – How to keep track on your Kindle of words you’ve looked up using the built-in Oxford American Dictionary or another dictionary which you’ve set to the default dictionary.

InterviewBrad Stone, New York Times technology reporter in San Francisco, is one of the lucky few who not only touched but had a chance to try out an iPad at Apple’s debut extravaganza on January 27.  I spoke with him that night about his impressions of Apple’s new creation, and about what he thinks the impact will be on the Kindle and other dedicated eReaders.  This episode contains the first portion of our conversation.  The conclusion is posted here, at my new companion podcast, The Reading Edge.  Note: In fact, TKC 80 contains the entire Brad Stone interview, because I neglected to delete the conclusion here.  The conclusion is also available at The Reading Edge Episode 7 along with the Steve Jobs’s comments about the Kindle and the iBooks store.  Sorry for the confusion.  –Len

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ContentHarvard Business Review and Amazon launch an innovative use of the Kindle Store, selling HBR titles by chapters as Short Cuts.  I sampled the $3.16 book summary of The Innovator’s Dilemma: Why New Technologies Cause Great Companies to Fail,  by HBS Professor Clayton M. Christensen.

Comments – Because of the volume of terrific comments prompted by the release of the iPad, I have created a separate episode for the comments this week.  Click here to hear from Pastor Mark Pierce, Mary McManus, Bob Anderson, Jim Jones, Kipp Poe, Jean Remple, Marie Sotiriou, Dan Meyers, John Halkias, Candy Yates, and Stace Wile.  For audio link to comments, click here.

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Comments 5

  1. Marie Sotiriou wrote:

    The next few weeks should prove to be very interesting. Here’s the latest in the Apple/Amazon duel:

    Books published by Macmillan mysteriously poofed from Amazon yesterday. The reason, according to the NYT, is that Amazon is punishing the publisher for arguing that the price of Kindle books should go up to $15:

    Here’s the related article from the NY Times by Brad Stone:

    Thanks for your podcast, Len!

    Posted 30 Jan 2010 at 4:56 am
  2. Flatland wrote:

    Amusing how Mr. Jobs, having predicted in ’08 that the Kindle would fail since “people don’t read anymore,” is attempting to take over the ebook arena.

    Other thoughts on the latest “Kindle Killer”:

    Posted 30 Jan 2010 at 11:10 am
  3. Ben wrote:

    Thanks for mentioning the Zune Marketplace for grabbing your podcast. That’s how I listen!

    Posted 30 Jan 2010 at 3:15 pm
  4. Francis Kimani Kamau wrote:

    It is too early to rule Kindle out. It has been in the market for longer thus enjoying heritage, a very strong brand attribute. For me eReaders are like mobile phones, changing from one provider to another is hectic, so iPad need to work harder.

    Posted 16 Feb 2010 at 4:56 am
  5. WhereCanI BuyAKindle wrote:

    Where Can I Buy A Kindle thinks it’s an exciting time with digital readers (eReaders). Whenever technology can help to improve the quality of someone’s life, we think that’s exciting! eReaders are well on the way to doing that, especially for the elderly and young children.

    Posted 19 Nov 2011 at 1:01 am