TKC 79 Seth Harwood

News – Amazon announces it will open the Kindle to application developers. Abhi has some ideas on good candidates.  Authors and publishers using the Digital Text Platform for Kindle will get a sweeter deal as of June 30. David Pogue goes ballistic when his daughter discovers that Barnes & Noble has been lying about the true weight of the nook.  Stephen Windwalker’s homerun headline on the matter (and his savvy take on the DTP change.) Amazon’s Kindle marketing department comes up with the equivalent of free beer.

Tech Tip – Via listener Bill Carson, a tip for sharing web content with someone in a place like, say, China, where not everything is available the way it is in the U.S.

InterviewSeth Harwood talks about his experimental and successful journey via podcasting to publication of his crime novel, Jack Wakes Up, and his new collection of well-honed stories available in Kindle edition, A Long Way from Disney. Photo by Mark Coggins.

Content – Via Jean Remple, a great explanation in The Times of Apple’s whatever-it-is, to be revealed next week.  Two new Kindle books worth checking out: One Way Journey by Dean Whitbread and Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business by Steve Garfield.

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  1. Len Charnoff wrote:

    I enjoy all the TKC episodes. Len knocked it at of the ballpark with this one. So much valuable info on writing and publishing to the Kindle. This is run, don’t walk to episode.

    Posted 23 Jan 2010 at 11:26 am
  2. Heather Hollick wrote:


    I have to echo the comments from “the man from Paris” regarding the Octo Vintage Two Cover. I had mine ordered before your last podcast was finished. The selling feature for me was the inside pocket, as I like to keep a couple of index cards with my Kindle and the pocket would be perfect.

    My fear was that the cover would be too thick. I have an M-Edge cover (as well as the official one from Amazon.) The M-Edge is too thick. Too much padding for me. The K2 needs to be protected, but not bulked up.

    My Octo Vintage Two just arrived and it is fantastic. The look and feel of the rawhide leather is wonderful. The inside pocket is perfect. And it is THIN! No thicker than the sleek Amazon cover.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!


    Posted 28 Jan 2010 at 1:32 pm

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