TKC 78 Harvey Chute

Intro – How was Las Vegas? I ruminated on our stay for CES here.

News – Can the Kindle really account for 90 percent of all eBook sales? TBI Research says yes, according to unnamed sources. Abhi says it’s not totally crazy. Are you getting tired of HarperCollins delaying eBook releases?  Some of us got rowdy at the Amazon listing for Game Change, leaving one-star reviews that maybe will get someone’s attention. Stephen Windwalker notes the book is still selling well.  Marion Maneker muses about how much easier it would be to match supply to demand if publishers took advantage of the eBook platform instead of delaying eBook versions.  The National Federation of the Blind settles with ASU. Amazon makes it easy to send support to Mercy Corps to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti. And finally, via Rick Limpert and Bufo Calvin, changes in Amazon’s self-publishing service, the Digital Text Platform.

Tech Tip – Via Andrys Basten, here’s the official word on whether you should turn your Kindle all the way off at the end of the day, or simply put it in sleep mode.

Interview – Harvey Chute,  webmaster and owner of the fast-growing Kindle Boards forum, sat down for a visit at CES in Las Vegas.  He was busy learning about all the rival eBook readers, and he told us about what surprised him most in the eBook TechZone.  Check out some of his photos and commentary on eBooks here.

Content – Thoughts on Michael Seringhaus’s recently published “E-Book Transactions: Amazon ‘Kindles’ the Copy Ownershhip Debate” in the Yale Journal of Law & Technology.

… and lots of comments!

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Comments 2

  1. Rick Askenase wrote:

    Excellent podcast this week- one of your best. Harvey, whose reports from CES I had read on the Kindle Boards site, was a terrific interview. He really knows his stuff, has his finger on the pulse of Kindle readers, and explained them very clearly.

    I wanted to comment on the EPub issue as I do think it is very important. I believe that Amazon should open the Kindle to EPub format, and that this will NOT harm their ebook sales. Why? because, if you buy an EPbub book from Sony or B & N, it will still have their DRM encoded with it so it won’t play on your Kindle. but the K will accept Fictionwise and other sites. More importantly, it will diffuse the hot button issue of “openness” as a knock on the Kindle. I say this, even though openness is a myth so long as ebook sellers use DRM anyway. (I am not advocating eliminating DRM, just pointing out its role in the whole matter.)

    Furthermore,on this issue, I think Harvey is right that 90% of Kindle owners do not care about DRM or formats and really aren’t bothered by it. Why should they when the ebooks from Amazon are cheaper than elsewhere and the Kindle book store is the largest.

    Finally,on CES, I think the real big issue going forward for the Kindle will be a color screen. Whether this is Mirasol, Liquavista, or some other company, it appears that we may get a GOOD color screen by the end of 2010 (earlier than my 2012 prediction), that it will NOT be by PVi/E-ink. I do believe that color screens will be a game changer (not the book), and will cause ereader sales to really soar. That is what the kindle 3 should embrace.

    Great stuff this week, and I will check out your other podcast. Query- when do you sleep?

    Posted 16 Jan 2010 at 7:00 am
  2. Al MacDiarmid wrote:

    I agree with Rick, a really good podcast this week.

    I suggested before and will iterate it again that to get the dictionary definition in a larger font, just hit the enter key and it comes up on its own page in the same font size as that with which you are reading your book. In low light or late in the day I have to use this feature if I am to use the dictionary at all and am not put off by the extra couple of steps.

    As for the cat, mine is all over me and I am petting her while reading my Kindle and have not yet been zapped. Perhaps the humidity is higher in Kentucky? I am presently reading 29%.

    Posted 16 Jan 2010 at 2:57 pm

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