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fallowsNews – What Kindle for PC can and can’t do, with help from TeleRead, Kindlerama, and  Stephen Windwalker . Note: the audio incorrectly states Steve’s URL. I should have identified it as TheKindleNationBlog. My apologies for the error!  As Steve points out, Kindle for PC plays nice with Project Gutenberg Magic Catalog (click here to download Magic Catalog), Feedbooks, ManyBooks, and Mobipocket Mobiguide. (click here for Mobiguide download).

Tech Tip – I fail to find a way for my wife to delete titles from her Kindle archive.  Mary McManus addressed this in March.

InterviewJames Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic, talks all things Kindle in an interview recorded on November 11.  His most recent book, Postcards from Tomorrow Square: Reports from China, is available for Kindle, as is Free Flight: Inventing the Future of Travel.  He cites this book as one that’s best read on paper, because its graphics matter.

Content – Len Charnoff tipped me off to a great eBook search engine, Inkmesh.  Highly recommended!  Click here for Modern Library’s “100 Best Novels” list.

Comments – yisroel parker with a link suggesting the Kindle International has better screen contrast than the discontinued Kindle 2, Paul Levin, Bob Hare, Alex Bowman on the new Kindle TV ad, Rick Limpert on Kindles for breakfast at the Four Seasons in Washington, D.C., Mary McManus, Jesslyn Hendricks,  Richard Fischer noting a price drop on Bufo Calvin’s “I Love My Kindle” blog, Kindle edition,  Vern Elmore with a Cole Haun Kindle cover recommendation, and Andrys Basten (welcome home, world traveler!) with a link about Cushing Academy’s new Kindle purchases.

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Comments 2

  1. Fred Zelders wrote:

    I installed ‘Kindle for PC’ on my new Netbook.
    Unfortunately I am not able to register the software using my Amazon account credentials.

    I reported this a few days ago via the ‘Send Feedback’ under the ‘Menu’ button of the program.

    I am very disappointed because up till now no reaction/solution from Amazon at all 🙁

    Any of the members in the TKC community have same experiences?

    Posted 14 Nov 2009 at 2:08 am
  2. Andrys wrote:

    Fred, best way to reach Kindle support is at their Kindle customer support number, direct, at 866-321-8851.

    Let us know here how it goes, if you can. You’ll definitely get someone on the phone, at least. Generally, they try to be helpful.

    Posted 14 Nov 2009 at 11:14 am