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Michael Koenig thumbNews – Second looks at the Nook: Staci D. Kramer at PaidContent asks “what else do we need to know about the Nook?”  Will publishers cripple the LendMe feature? Joe Wilcox cancels his Nook preorder after comparing eBook prices between Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Bill Keller, executive editor of The New York Times, lets slip a reference to the “Apple slate”.  Click here for the “off the record” video obtained by Neiman Journalism Lab.

Tech Tip – My personal method for creating a To Do list within a book I’m reading on my Kindle.

Interview – Michael Koenig, director of MBA operations at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, has been a prime mover of Darden’s pilot program testing the Kindle DX in a test involving 60 MBA students. Click here for Darden’s very good BusinessCast, which interviewed Robert Carroway, associate dean for MBA education, in June after he and Koenig had attended the press conference unveiling the DX. Koenig makes clear that Amazon is serious about its test of the higher education market for Kindles, and that there are areas for improvement of the current design of the DX.  Did anyone say “folders?”

ContentStephen Windwalker notes that the new Barbara Kingsolver novel, The Lacuna, is available for pre-order for $9. And Karen Oland reports the same is true for Pirate Latitudes by Michael Chrichton, due for release in hardcover and Kindle on Nov. 24th, and Under the Dome by Stephen King, set for Kindle release on Dec. 24th – more than a month after the hardcover release on Nov. 10. Grrrr.

Comments – Craig Findlay from Scotland, Steve Gold relays Kindle news from Japan via the Mainichi Daily News, James Palmer and Rick Limpert note USA Today’s coverage of the Cushing Academy digital library, Linda Hopkins on the Nook, Allen MacDiarmid on the large-fonts hack for Kindle 2, Jesslyn Hendrix on the 2.0.4 firmware, Ann Miner on Bookmarks Magazine, Melissa Gann and John Halkias on Kindle for PC (and Mac and Blackberry).

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