TKC Extra Boston Book Festival 09

BBF thumbThis recording is from a panel discussion titled “The Future of Reading” at the Boston Book Festival 2009 on October 25, 2009.   David Pogue, tech columnist for The New York Times, moderated the session and gave his engaging overview of eBooks at the beginning.  He was followed by Jon Orwant, engineering manager for Google Books, Google Magazines and Google Patents. The final speaker on this recording is Brewster Kahle,  co-founder of the Internet Archive.

At the end of this TKC Extra you will hear David Pogue’s charming musical sendup of Steve Jobs, titled “Don’t Cry for Me, Cupertino.” Click here for a video of the same performance.

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  1. Joyce Heard wrote:

    It still amazes me that I can loll about here in Sidi Ifni and yet get up to the minute input like your podcast of the Future of Reading panel. Particularly liked your introduction with its sharp, informed opinions. I didn’t find the last speaker quite as haughty as you did, but perhaps that’s because I was only listening. Did indeed find it odd that the supposedly neutral moderator seemed so favorable to the Nook in his comments.

    Posted 29 Oct 2009 at 2:09 am