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JIM JONES PHOTONews – Barnes & Noble announces the Nook. Brent Evans of GeekTonic details its features. Abhi predicts a Kindle 3 within the next week or two and argues that B&N have played into the wily hands of Bezos and company.  Stephen Windwalker notes that the stock market seemed unimpressed with the Nook news. Also, Harvard Business School Prof. Clayton Christensen tells Chris Hill of the Motley Fool Conversations podcast that the professor’s next book will come out first as an eBook and considerably later in print.  Tina Brown of the Daily Beast tells NPR’s Talk of the Nation why Beast Books will focus on titles benefiting from the quicker production cycle of eBooks.

News that broke too late to mention in the podcast:

Amazon announces Kindle for PC, to be followed soon by Kindle for Mac and Blackberry.

Tech Tip – Don’t try these keyboard shortcuts on your Kindle 2 or DX.  They only work on the lowly and much-loved original. Via MobileReference’s Kindle Shortcuts, Hidden Features etc.

Interview – Associate Prof. Jim Jones of the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s College of Business Administration has some original ideas for research that someone (Jim himself?) could do on how the Kindle and other eBooks might affect educational outcomes. The interview followed Jim’s emailing me a New York Times blog piece titled “Does the Brain Like E-Books?”

Content Jan Zlendich of The Kindle Reader blog points the way toward a trove of book titles at Amazon in Spanish and other non-English languages.  C’est magnifique! Wunderbar! Jan also notes the addition of several non-English newspapers available on Kindle, including the wonderfully named O GloboClick here to subscribe to Kindle Reader on your Kindle.

Comments -Clark Dimond also sent me the link to “Does the Brain Like E-Books.” Steve Gold alerted me in advance regarding the Talk of the Nation interview with Tina Brown (he’s the one whose name I couldn’t remember when I was recording). Mike Detlefsen on Firefox Calibre plug-in, Jesslyn Hendrix with info for Kindle newbies, Larry Goss on a workaround for My Clippings limitations, Brent Evans on the Nook.

Note: After recording this episode, I heard back from Prof. Christensen’s office that he would like to do an interview for the podcast. We are trying to schedule it for sometime in December, before I return to Denver.

I will be attending the Boston Book Festival tomorrow, hoping to record some sessions of interest to listeners of the podcast. If you’ll be there, please Twitter me -@LenEdgerly .

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