TKC 65 Stefaan van Gerven

Stefaan van Gerven - websmallNews – Google Editions is coming to a cloud near you, by June 2010. Click here for Abhi’s analysis. A Kindle DX – International is also coming, sometime next year. Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney revises his Kindle sales estimates upward. Brett Arends of the Wall Street Journal, bucking the conventional wisdom, argues for a sell on Amazon and a buy on Barnes & Noble.

Tech Tip – Courtesy of Mike Detlefsen, you might try Bookit, a FireFox plug-in that enables you to create eBooks with Calibre.  Not that I could get it to work, but you may be more successful.

Interview – Stefaan van Gerven is product manager for embedded speech at Nuance Communications, which provides the Text to Speech capability of the Kindle 2 and DX. I spoke with him in Belgium via Skype and phone on October 13, 2009 .  He tells how embedded speech works.  As a footnote, I discovered that my Kindle DX can pronounce Obama’s name correctly, but the Kindle 2 can’t.

Content – Check out Books on the Knob for bargain Kindle books and lots more.

Comments – Warwick Head on Oberon Design, James Garland, ProlificProgrammer, and Rick Askenase on Disney Digital Books.

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  1. Kathy wrote:

    I sure could use some of those “Yorkie Control Techniques!”

    Enjoying your podcast.

    Thank you,
    Kathy (trying to type on a laptop as my Yorkie is knocking it to and fro and she works to burrow down in the chair beneath it… )

    Posted 20 Oct 2009 at 4:35 pm