Daily Archives Friday, September 2009

TKC 62 Brad Stone

News – iRex Technologies teams up with Best Buy and Verizon to form the newest challenge to the Kindle’s dominance of eBooks. Engadget gets its hands on an iRex DR800SG and is not impressed. Other smart commentary here and here. Meanwhile, Amazon announces the winner of its Your Amazon Ad Contest. Click here to watch the whimsical “Kindlicious” video that won $20,000 in Amazon gift cards for Angela Kohler.

Tech Tip – Another handy little keyboard gem from Andrys Basten of Kindle World.

Interview – Brad Stone, technology reporter in The New York Times’s San Francisco bureau, talks about secrecy at Apple and Amazon, Dan Brown, a Kindle developer apps store, and the brilliant description his 22-year-old daughter had of his Kindle recently.

Content – Jan Zlendich of Kindle Reader highlights a promising list of new historical fiction titles for the Kindle.

Comments – Mary McManus on True Compass, Al MacDiarmid on Adrienne Cousins’s cool set of web links for the Kindle, and Len Charnoff on the mysterious 2.0.3 firmware update to the Kindle 2.