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TKC Video Extra – Belmont Library

Here’s what the process is like for checking out one of the 10 Kindles available at the Belmont, Mass., Public Library. Filmed on September 16, 2009.

TKC 61 Maureen Connors & Emily Smith

News – Stephen Windwalker’s prediction that the new Dan Brown blockbuster would sell more Kindle copies than print on the Amazon Store looked like an eerie foretelling this week. Motoko Rich of the New York Times asks if this is the second coming of eBooks. Also, Google’s cool new Fast Flip is described as “Google’s Kindle” by the Motley Fool and as the “Latest Attack on Amazon Kindle” by Silicon Alley Insider. And don’t forget you can now buy a refurbished Kindle 2 for only $219.

Tech Tip – Thanks to Bufo Calvin for last week’s tech tip. And to Andrys Basten for an amplification that will help save you key strokes.

Interview – Maureen Connors, left in photo, is director of the Belmont, Mass., Public Library. She and Emily Smith, technology librarian, told me all about their impressive Kindle experiment on a visit I made to the library on Sept. 16.

Content – It felt like Santa coming down the chimney Monday night when Amazon delivered my copy of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol overnight. And it’s an ironic week for Stephen Windwalker to promote the new paperback edition of his essential The Complete User’s Guide to the Amazing Kindle 2.

Comments – Jim Jones, Len Charnoff, Paul Levin, Allen MacDiarmid, Dorian Nisinson, Rick Askenase on the return of MobileReference to the Kindle Store, John C. Adamson, and Delores Martin.