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Abhi thumbNews – Amazon makes amends to those whose copies of 1984 were removed from Kindles in a copyright snafu. No word yet on whether this rumor of a Kindle launch in Europe will turn out to be true.

Tech Tips – New firmware is apparently out for the Kindle 2 and DX.  Click here for the Amazon source code notice.  Andrei Pushkin has the scoop at Blog Kindle, and they’ve been talking about it at KindleBoards since August 6.  But no one seems to know what the update does.  Do you?  If so, please leave a comment!  Also, a test drive of Abhi’s new Kindle Start Page Tool.

Abhi – Creator of the influential Kindle Review blog, the BookSummit Kindle social network, and the Bookmonk collection of handy Kindle tools.

Content – Yet another new work-in-progress by Abhi, the Kindle Page Number Tool, attempts to help you translate physical-book page numbers into locations on the Kindle.

Comments – Fred Zelders’s trip to France and how Pat Hawn’s Kindle helped her survive a computer virus.

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  1. Rick Limpert wrote:

    My take on companies like Amazon not using technology they have to reunite customers with their lost Kindles.

    Posted 07 Sep 2009 at 8:49 am