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TKC 58 Bufo Calvin

News – Sony announces its Daily Edition model, available sometime in December.  Why “Is it a Kindle Killer?” is the wrong question, according to Scott D. Anthony in a Harvard Business Publishing piece.  The DE will have a cool connection to public libraries via OverDrive. A new rumor has it that the Kindle is coming […]

TKC Extra “The Happy Little Bookworm”

This is a fanciful Kindle piece in the style of a fable for children, created and recited Bufo Calvin, my guest on Episode 58.

TKC 57 Michael Seringhaus

News – An analyst named Jim Friedland offers bullish Kindle sales estimates, and Steven Windwalker has more via TeleRead. Also, Rupert Murdoch gets his way. Click here for reaction on Amazon forum.

Tech Tip – From Bufo Calvin’s Frequently Asked Questions, a hidden Kindle DX game of Gomoku. Also, via Andrei Pushkin’s blog kindle and clarknova of the MobileRead forum, I install the hack for relief from the monotony of my Kindle 2’s default screensavers. You can find similar hacks via Andrei’s blog for customizing the screensavers on the Kindle 1 and DX.

Interview – Michael Searinghaus , a 3rd-year student at Yale Law School, opines in The Hartford Courant on what he feels are serious drawbacks for readers in the Kindle’s Terms of Use. His lengthy scholarly article on the topic is scheduled to appear around the end of the year in the Yale Journal of Law and Technology.

Content – Via Andrys Basten and Jeffrey Trachtenberg in the Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy – Amazon maintains $9.99 as the price for Dan Brown’s next blockbuster, The Lost Symbol – but will the same be true of Stephen King’s next big novel, due out in November?

Comments – A question from Omaha about the CyberPad and an audio excerpt from Stephen Windwalker’s latest Kindle guide, Free, with a tip on how best to listen to this podcast or any other on your Kindle. Also, a Kindle meetup in Portland, Maine, with Leslie Nicoll of KindleBoards.

Note: I could use your support for my “Taming the Kindle” panel proposal for South by Southwest Interactive 2010. Stephen Windwalker kindly posted this pitch and info on how to vote for my proposal using the PanelPicker. If you want to go directly to the PanelPicker to offer a thumbs up, click here. It also helps if you can take the time to leave a comment on my PanelPicker page. Thanks!

TKC 56 Steve Shank

News – Sony announces (and the New York Times scoops) plans to convert Sony’s eBook store to the EPUB format by the end of the year. More coverage here , here, and here. Abhi says “wow,” Paul Biba says, “fantastic,” and David Rothman chides the Times for underplaying the DRM part of the story. Also, via Andrys Basten, news of a generous couple’s donation of 10 Kindles for an experiment at the Belmont, Mass., public library.

Tech Tip – How to buy and feed a Kindle if you don’t live in the U.S. You might check out the “Using Kindle Outside North America” thread on the Amazon forum, as well as several links offered by a listener. Also, Len Charnoff has done a helpful tutorial video inspired by last week’s tech tip on Zoolert.

Interview – Steve Shank of Arizona is a Kindle fan with 35 years of experience introducing new technology, dating back to his days as an early employee of Apple.

Content – Stephen Windwalker’s useful new Kindle guide, Free: How to Get Millions of Free Books, Songs, Podcasts, Periodicals and Free eMail, Facebook, Twitter and Wireless Web with your Amazon Kindle, contains a way to download well-formated Project Gutenberg titles directly to your Kindle, using “Magic Catalog.” Steve is offering free chapters here.

Comments – Peggy Poellot, Dan Meyers, Larry Goss, and Charles Tay on last week’s Nicholson Baker’s interview, a hack to change the Kindle’s fonts, Len Charnoff’s poignant tale of The Family Kindle, and comments on the Podcamp Boston 4 session.

TKC EXTRA – “Will the Kindle Save Reading?”

This is a recording of the discussion which I led today, August 8, 2009, at Podcamp Boston 4.  It was titled “Will the Kindle Save Reading?” and it was actually a discussion instead of a one-way presentation. An active participant in the front row of the room was John Elder Robison, author of Look Me […]

TKC 55 Nicholson Baker

News – Rupert Murdoch is still talking tough about a possible break with Amazon over the Wall Street Journal’s Kindle edition, despite a price increase in May and a bigger share of the revenue for News Corp.  Also, Sony announces two new Readers, one costing only $199 and the other featuring a touchscreen. Tech Tip […]