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BookChickNews – An Orwellian development rocks the Kindlesphere. Amazon changes its mind about replacing cracked Kindles. Encouraging data indicates that the $9.99 price for new releases is holding its own. Be sure to ask for your $60 refund if you bought a Kindle up to 30 days before the price dropped.

Tech Tip – A comparison of Instapaper and Hatchetapp and how to move web content to your Kindle for free, with a hat tip to Heather Hollick. You can follow Hatchetapp on Twitter here, and Instapaper here.  For an earlier tech tip on Instpaper, click here. For PC users looking for a way to download web content as PDFs, try this, this, or this – courtesy of Linda Hopkins. Or, from Bob Hare, try this, this, or this.  For my testing, I used this article from the New York Review of Books.

Interview – Suzanne Levin, creator of the Chick with Books blog, comes out of the closet as a book AND Kindle lover.

Kindle ContentThe Works of John Witherspoon and a whole lot of free Kindle books, courtesy of Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation. Plus (not mentioned on the podcast), Free really IS free for a limited time on Kindle. Click here for Steve’s “Religion and Spirituality” freebies.

Your Comments – Greg Montague, Woody Woodward on Yahoo Mobile, Dan Barnett on Blackboard‘s new Kindle link, Jake Pippin, Rebecca Robertson, Lu Hood, and Blair Slavin.

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  1. David Taylor wrote:

    Be careful with HatchetApp. It is NOT free. Amazon charges for every transfer.

    Just go to the Amazon site and “manage your Kindle” and you will see these charges.


    Posted 19 Jul 2009 at 12:30 pm
  2. Suzanne Levin wrote:

    Hi Len!
    Thanks for so kindly inviting me to chat with you on The Kindle Chronicles! It was such a pleasure! I’m glad you ‘found’ me because now I can listen to YOU every week!

    Happy reading…..
    Chick with Books

    Posted 29 Jul 2009 at 3:51 pm