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weberUPDATE: In the podcast, I state the price change incorrectly, saying the Kindle is dropping from $299 to $259.  Not true! The price drop is from $359 to $299.  Sorry for the error…. (Thanks, Andrys Basten, for the heads up!)

News – Amazon lowers the price of the Kindle by $60 to $299, citing lower production costs. Or was it to maintain dominance of the eBook market?  If you bought a Kindle just before the decrease, read thisAbhi thinks Amazon has sold at least 1 million Kindles so far. He is not alone.  Will future Kindle books contain ads?  An advert hints at a U.K. Kindle launch soon. And, now you can Kindle the Muse

Tech Tip – How to put a To Do list on your Kindle. (Thanks, Allen MacDiarmid.)

Interview – Tom Weber, editor of , sees the Kindle blurring the lines among traditional journalistic forms.

Quote – An experiment using the Kindle DX in a Board meeting for the New England Foundation for the Arts.  Not recommended.

Comments – Mary McManus, Peggy Poellot, and audio in Spanish from Esmeralda de Trafford.

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  1. Pat Hawn wrote:

    I noticed that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is now available for Kindle for the “low-low” price of $0.99. I thought JK Rowling was totally against any digitizing of her books! Here’s the link.

    Think it’s piracy on

    Posted 13 Jul 2009 at 4:03 pm
  2. Don wrote:

    I work at a private foundation, and I was very interested in your use of the Kindle in the board meeting context. I was contemplating the Kindle’s use as a platform for distributing board notebooks to our Trustees. I was thinking in terms of providing the entire notebook as a single PDF (probably using a Kindle DX for the native PDF support) or Word document. Do you think that would be a viable format for a notebook that needs only to be read (but not presented from)?

    Posted 16 Jul 2009 at 10:44 am
  3. Len Edgerly wrote:

    Don, using the DX for Board books is a great idea. I’d suggest putting the material in one Word document, so Board members can search, highlight, and make notes. Also, you might consult Joshua Tallent’s Kindle Formatting book (available for $9.99 in Kindle edition at Amazon) for ways to create a strong Table of Contents for the Board book. Good luck!

    Posted 20 Jul 2009 at 3:22 am

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