TKC 49 Andrys Basten

Andrys thumbIntroThe view out my window during a big rain in downtown Denver. Taken and uploaded from the new iPhone 3GS.

News –   Abhi analyzes a recently approved patent for an amazing new Kindle pen, via TechFlash. Steve Bain of Kindle Zen finds evidence of WiFi readiness in photos of a torn-apart Kindle DX. Plus, Western States Arts Federation asks me to demo a DX as a possible tool to help state arts agencies go paperless for grant applications.

Tech Tips –  an nice viewing improvement at and a reminder from Stephen Windwalker at Kindle Nation on how to do a hard reboot when scary stuff happens on your Kindle.

Interview – Andrys Basten, creator of the A Kindle World blog.  UPDATE: Click here for Andrys’s post on Ted Inoue’s hack to improve contrast on the Kindle 2.

QuoteA book that has rekindled my commitment to regular exercise.

Comments – Allen MacDiarmid, Bob Hare, and Greg Keck.

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6/27/09 UPDATE: I discovered editing errors in the original audio file for this episode, so I have corrected them and uploaded a new version of the file. My apologies for the glitch!

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