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TKC 47 Len Edgerly on the DX

News – The Kindle DX arrives. Some good reviews here, here, here, and here. and a Kindle DX Textbook store may open on about July 1.

Tech Tip – How to use the very handy Kindlepedia tool.

Interview – My wife Darlene asks me a few questions about the Kindle DX and offers her own commentary at the end of the interview.

Quote – A PDF file on the DX and comparison of the Text to Speech sound on the DX versus the Kindle 2.

Comments – Steve Shank, Drew Herdener, Brian Vallelunga, Dan Meyers, Marcy McKenzie, Bob Hare, Craig Scarberry, Larry Gross, Len Charnoff, and Rebecca Robertson.

The DX unboxing video I posted yesterday is at http://lenchronicles.blogspot.com/2009/06/vpc-73-kindle-dx-unboxing.html