TKC 43 Stephen Peters

stephen-peters-thumbNews (1:57) – Stephen Windwalker’s analysis of Kindle DX and Kindle 2 sales. Will pirates save the DX? Also, Amazon makes nifty improvements to the Kindle iPhone app.

Tech Tip (7:35) – Courtesy of Pat Hawn, a consideration of putting your Kindle to sleep at night versus turning it off.

Interview (11:02) – Stephen Peters, author of Kindle Culture: Tales of How Amazon’s e-Reader is Sparking a Cultural Revolution.

Quote (33:03) – From Felonious Jazz by Bryan Gilmor Gilmer.  UPDATE: I have corrected the link for Felonious Jazz.

Comments (37:03) – Billie Bogart, Dan Meyers, John C. Adamson, Karl Bunker, April Dorris, Tom Lichty, and an audio comment from Dan Barnett.

Next Week – I’ll be in Honolulu to present a workshop for Board members and staff of the Hawai’i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.  On Wednesday while staying on after the workshop with my wife,  I’m scheduled to interview Roxanne Darling, creator of Beach Walks with Rox, a video podcast in which Roxanne walks along a gorgeous beach on Oahu, talking about life, with her partner Shane Robinson doing the filming.  They are also partners in Bare Feet Studios.

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  1. Werner Aguilar wrote:

    Len – Thanks for The Kindle Chronicles podcasts each week. Early, each Saturday morning after printing my stock reports (which I do daily around 6AM), I listen to your podcast with my cup of coffee and 2 pieces of toast. I look forward to hearing your podcast each week. You have a great voice and style in your presentation. I usually download it on my laptop pc instead of my Ipod Nano because I can jump to the various website links you have in your e-mail while I am listening which enhances the experience for me. Thanks again for the wonderful job you do.

    Werener Aguilar

    Posted 16 May 2009 at 6:00 am
  2. Blair Slavin wrote:

    Hey there, I am new to your podcast and enjoying catching up. But I caught your newest podcast and it struck me about the being able to power off your Kindle comment. How you got a little irritated because you have to turn on your kindle and wait more than one whole minute for it to download your Four daily subscriptions. It struck me funny how technology makes us impatient. Think of how long it would have taken you if you had to walk out to your sidewalk / lawn to retrieve these publications in real life. Possibly getting wet ankles if the lawn has dew on it, having to bother to put on some clothing to go outside, the time it would take to unwrap and set out your papers and just how big a pile these papers would make. As this guy on the Tonight Show said ‘everything is amazing, but people forget about this. They forget how amazing it is to fly around in tubes of aluminum, or watch full blown movies on your phone or to even have a cell phone and be able to be in contact with people 24/7 or that you even able to read this from your computer screen or become your own friggin radio station broadcasting your own show’. Putting it all in perspective, I think a couple of minutes to wait for your publications to load is an amazing thing. Appreciate it isn’t an old 24k modem loading your stuff onto your Kindle. 😉

    Posted 16 May 2009 at 7:27 am

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