TKC 42 Andrei Pushkin

andrei-pushkin-thumbNews (1:40) – The Kindle DX is announced at an Amazon press conference in New York City.  Joshua Topolsky, editor-in-chief of Engadget, was there and spoke with me by phone yesterday about his first impressions of the device. (Interview with Joshua begins at 6:23.) Joshua also appears weekly on the Engadget podcast. Also see Abhi’s blog and Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation update. Other coverage of the DX launch here, here, and here.

Tech Tip (22:56) –  Jesslyn Hendrix, who blogs here, shares an original idea for putting your Kindle 2 into hands-free mode.

Interview (25:09) – Andrei Pushkin of Blog Kindle discusses hacks such as Savory and Ted Inoue’s text contrast hack, as well as why the Kindle has been such a success.

Quote (36:25) – from Kindle Culture: Tales of How Amazon’s E-Reader is Sparking a Cultural Revolution by Stephen Peters

Comments (37:44) – Bob Hare, Dan Meyers, John C. Adamson, Linda Hopkins, Chuck Dunn, Dan Montopol, Dorian Nisinson, and Stephen Windwalker.

Next week’s interview will be with Stephen Peters, author of Kindle Culture.

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