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TKC 45 Paul Biba

News (1:31) – National Kindle Koffee meetup Saturday, June 6 at 10 a.m. local time – bring your Kindles! (I’ll be hanging out at the Starbucks in downtown Denver at 16th and Blake Streets.) Literary lion Charles McGrath sort of praises the Kindle in the New York Times. eInk reports a million screens in use. How to prolong life of Kindle’s lithium-based batteries.

Tech Tip (7:13) – How to use Amazon’s great new feature that enables you to see Kindle highlighting and notes here.

Interview (10:25) – Paul Biba, co-editor of TeleRead and a way-early adopter of eBooks, back when he was a globe-trotting corporate lawyer. He explains why he considers these early days of the eBook revolution so exciting, and why he and TeleRead owner David Rothman disagree on whether we should be afraid that Amazon will gain monopolistic power over the eBook industry.

Quote (30:12) – “Amazon’s Next Revolution” by Jeffrey M. O’Brien of Fortune.

Comments (31:48) – Verinder Syal, April, Cindy Brooks, yisroel parker, Billie Bogart, and Clark Dimond.

TKC 44 Roxanne Darling & Shane Robinson

News (2:06) – Kindle Publishing for Blogs gets a thumbs-up from Abhi, and me, too. The Kindle iPhone app gets a spiffy update. Stephen Windwalker presents evidence that the Kindle may be coming to international markets soon.

Tech Tip (6:01) – Blair Slavin details a way to play with words in the Kindle 2 dictionary.

Interview – (7:36) Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson make a dashing Kindle Couple and are among Hawai’i’s social media leaders. At Kailua Beach on May 20, 2009, they talked about sharing a Kindle 1, the Kindle iPhone app, and things you should not be afraid to bring to the beach. They are creators of the long-running and inspiring Beach Walks with Rox video podcast, and their tech-savvy Internet consulting business is Bare Foot Studios.

Quote (22:20) – Neville Hobson is experimenting with Twitter/audio book reviews.

Comments (24:53) – John W. Halkias, Halimah Felt, and Karen Hagglund.

TKC 43 Stephen Peters

News (1:57) – Stephen Windwalker’s analysis of Kindle DX and Kindle 2 sales. Will pirates save the DX? Also, Amazon makes nifty improvements to the Kindle iPhone app. Tech Tip (7:35) – Courtesy of Pat Hawn, a consideration of putting your Kindle to sleep at night versus turning it off. Interview (11:02) – Stephen Peters, […]

TKC 42 Andrei Pushkin

News (1:40) – The Kindle DX is announced at an Amazon press conference in New York City.  Joshua Topolsky, editor-in-chief of Engadget, was there and spoke with me by phone yesterday about his first impressions of the device. (Interview with Joshua begins at 6:23.) Joshua also appears weekly on the Engadget podcast. Also see Abhi’s […]

TKC 41 Stephen Windwalker

Intro – My mother and I take the train from Saco, Maine, to Boston’s North Station.  We have the same conductor I interviewed in Audio Pod Chronicles # 40. News (1:56) – Amazon gets serious about charging for wireless conversions of personal documents for reading on the Kindle. Details in special bulletin of Stephen Windwalker’s […]

EXTRA – Boston PDA Users Group Presentation

This is a recording of my presentation about the Kindle on April 28, 2009 at the Boston PDA Users Group, which meets on the MIT campus at 77 Mass. Ave.  Thanks to Al Willis for the invitation! UPDATE (5/2/09) – This is the raw, unedited recording of the User’s Group meeting, which I posted mainly […]