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TKC 40 Pam McCarthy

News (1:55) – Stephen Windwalker wonders if the latest Kindle 2 firmware update, 2.0.3, might address the screen contrast issue. Ted Inoue weighs in, saying probably not. Blog Kindle suggests the new update may have something to do with Amazon’s planned pullback from Text to Speech in the face of Authors Guild opposition. Meanwhile, a […]

39 Chris Danielson

4/17/09 UPDATE: Due to the threat of a winter storm, we decided to stay over in Santa Fe tonight and will not be able to attend the Colorado meetup tomorrow at 11 a.m. So we’ll try again in May… Colorado Kindle Chronicles Meetup Saturday April 18 at 11 a.m! News (2:34) – The Wall Street […]

38 Charles Wright

News (1:56) -The  ReadingRights coalition conducts a good old-fashioned street protest at the Authors Guild office in New York City, and a related petition attracts nearly 5,000 signers who seek to protect the Kindle 2’s Text to Speech capability for the benefit of the disabled.  Taggers battle in support of the $9.99 price point for […]

37 Kovid Goyal

News (2:03) – Joshua Tallent‘s new book, The Complete Guide to Formatting Books for the Amazon Kindle, is available for purchase in print here and here, and in Kindle format. Staton Rabin‘s Betsy and the Emperor is available for Kindle pre-order. Abhi brought my attention to Amazon’s new “Big Deals on Kindle” section.  A grumpy […]