36 Steve Rubel

steve-rubel-thumbIntro – All’s clear the day after a blizzard in Denver.

News – NPR on DRM. Jacob Weisberg on the Kindle Revolution and the revolution that wasDavid Rothman on what Weisberg left out.

Tech Tip – How Calibre will enable you to put The Economist on your Kindle even though you can’t subscribe to it at the Kindle Store yet.

Interview – Steve Rubel, Director of Insights at Edelman Digital, author of “The Amazon Kindle is the Great White Hope for Monetizing Print Media.”

Quote: “General Electric Losing Its Magic Touch” in The Economist.

Comments: Bob Cope, Brian Ruppert, David Hicks, April Dorris, and Gary Montague.  Reference to Jesslyn Hendricks’s blog, My Kindle Stuff, for how to get Google public domain books onto your Kindle.

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  1. Billie Bogart wrote:

    Just got around to trying Instapaper and it is wonderful. Thanks so much for all the work you do in this area. It made me change from Explorer to Firefox, but is so great an app that it is worth it.

    Again, thanks.

    Posted 28 Mar 2009 at 9:13 am
  2. Heather Hollick wrote:


    Another great podcast this week. Love the new length 🙂

    I wonder if any of your listeners know of a keyboard shortcut for “Go To Location” for the K1. In a sane world, Alt-G or Alt-L would be such a shortcut but, alas, no such luck.

    I use the Tech Tip you offered in an earlier podcast to reposition the location so that I can grab a better highlight. I have to push way too many buttons just to enter the desired location.

    A million thanks,

    Posted 30 Mar 2009 at 11:34 am