Monthly Archives March 2009

36 Steve Rubel

Intro – All’s clear the day after a blizzard in Denver. News – NPR on DRM. Jacob Weisberg on the Kindle Revolution and the revolution that was.  David Rothman on what Weisberg left out. Tech Tip – How Calibre will enable you to put The Economist on your Kindle even though you can’t subscribe to […]

35 South by Southwest Interactive

Intro – Attendance statistics courtesy of Omar L. Gallaga, who writes the Austin American-Statesman’s excellent Digital Savant blog. News – Kindle gets new 2.0.2 firmware. Sony and Google deal described as a strike against Amazon’s Kindle. Discovery sues Amazon, claiming patent infringement. UPDATE: Starbuck adds a Kindle 2 to his arsenal on active duty in […]

34 Brent Evans

News – l. No more free ride on email translations to Kindle format?  2. CNETt’s David Carnoy offers a sane overview of criticisms of the Kindle 2’s text contrast compared with that of the Kindle 1. Tech Tip – How to use Instapaper for convenient transfer of content from the web to your Kindle. Interview […]

34A Robert Scoble & Buzz Bruggeman

This is a conversation by cell phone on March 11, 2009 with Robert Scoble (at right) and Buzz Bruggeman, on why the Kindle 2 doesn’t suck and how The New York Times might save itself with a bold Kindle offer. This special episode of the podcast was brought to you by ActiveWords !  Photo of […]

33 Eric Collins

News – Mike Elgan and Andy Ihnatko on the new Kindle iPhone app, two new rumors about the Kindle 3 (will have WiFi and may be introduced as early as April), a stealthy firmware update for the Kindle 2, and a troubling problem with the text readability on the Kindle 2. Tech Tip – Exploring […]