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ian-freed-thumbNews – Whispernet is coming to Casper and Fairbanks, but not for Kindle 1’s; and why, if you are planning to sell your Kindle 1 you might want to do it sooner rather than later.

Tech TipCreating and Using Folders on a Kindle by Anonymous.

InterviewIan Freed, Amazon’s vice president for Kindle, talks about folders, WhisperSync coming “soon” to a smartphone near you, and why whatever Amazon adds to the Kindle must be “really simple.”  (Photo by Dan Schlatter of Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle)

Quote – “The Background Hum: Ian McEwan’s Art of Unease” by Daniel Zalewski in The New Yorker.

Comments – Dorian Nisinson, Pam from Minnesota, Linda Hopkins (link mentioned), Ben Benner, and anonymous.

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  1. Allen MacDiarmid wrote:

    I listened to the podcast for 2/20 and want to comment on the kluge of folders that your anonymous contributor put up. I did that some time ago, putting extra files, like new books downloaded via the free sites and folders by suffix type in the documents folder. I ended up putting the books all back in the \Kindle\Documents folder without folders because I discovered I had duplicates in more than one of the folder which of course took up memory. I did find several dupes. I had put the extra books on the SD card but in the root directory so they didn’t show up on my home pages. The only advantage that I can see to doing it there instead of on the computer hard drive is that they are availabe if you use a different computer to transfer them to an available folder. I also edit text files right on the Kindle. I open the file from the computer with the USB plugged in, do the editing and save it which of course saves it right back to the Kindle. There is no need to copy it from the Kindle to the computer, do the editing, save and then overwrite the Kindle copy unless you want the latest update on your computer as well. I have not tried to edit my clips, notes, highlights, etc from the computer though.

    Posted 20 Feb 2009 at 1:32 pm
  2. Pat Hawn wrote:

    What a great show! Thanks for getting all that info from Ian. Can’t wait till the 25th!

    Posted 20 Feb 2009 at 2:58 pm

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